M.Tech. Network Engineering

M.Tech. in Network Engineering prepares practicing networking professionals and graduates with skills in design, management and maintenance of computer networks. The course develops technical skills in critical evaluation of existing technology options, future developments, protocols, architecture and tools needed to support the development and delivery of advanced networkservices.

Our department has two specialist laboratories equipped with the latest industry-standard hardware and software, including Internet of Things (IoT) lab suits, Concurrent Programming environment like MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL, Erlang, Map Reduce and OpenACC, Network lab suits which includes high end switches and routers, and cloud computing systems. While studying for this qualification you will work with our IoT Test bed, Software Defined Networks and Blade Server, and you will learn how to access and configure cloud-based networks.

M.Tech. Network Engineering at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology emphasizes employability skills in communication networks, collaboration and project management.Internship prograames also facilitated for our students.