Student Clubs


     The RSET Arts Club encourages the artistic flair of the students, provides them with the opportunity to sharpen their organizational skills and develop a spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation. It organizes the Annual Arts Festival – ‘Bharatham’, a cultural extravaganza spread across a week, under the leadership of Arts Club Secretary of RSET chosen by the students.
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Binu R (DBSH), Ms. Prathibha P. K (DEE), Ms. Jomina John (DCS), Ms. Aswathy G (DCE), Mr. Sreekumar G (DEC), Mr. John Paul (DME) & Ms. Mary Hexy (DEI)

Along with academics, RSET places equal importance to the sporting talents of our students. The annual Sports Meet ‘Ranabhoomi’ is conducted under the professional guidance of the faculty of Physical Education. Representatives to the Sports club are selected from each batch of students. The club encourages and arranges facilities for systematic training of talented students in various sporting events. The consistent performances of our students in various sporting events at inter –collegiate and university levels bear witness to the significance of Sports in RSET ethos.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Shibu P P (DBSH), Mr. Rejeesh T Chacko (DBSH), Ms. Sinu Jacob (DBSH), Ms. Jisha Mary Jose (DCS), Mr. Ginnes K John (DEE), Ms. Harsha A (DEC), Mr. Naveen N (DEC) & Mr. Mathews Abraham (DIT)


The debate club of RSET is a vibrant and enthusiastic group of students who enjoys public speaking. While helping them to develop sound logic, critical thinking and research acumen to cull out reliable and valid information to substantiate their arguments, the club also trains them to conduct themselves with grace under pressure and sharpen their public speaking skills. The Intra college Model United Nations (MUN) conducted by the club is a feather in its cap. The programme moulds the students into excellent negotiators and synthesizers of information and perfects their skills in the art of persuasion. They also conduct workshop on rhetoric apart from debates.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Mary Priya Sebastian (DCS) & Vishnu Shankar (DME)


     The Literary Forum provides the students with opportunities to develop and hone their creative skills, and conducts literary workshops, seminars and discussions on literature and creative writing.
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Ajith S (DCS), Mr. Vinay Menon (DBSH), MS. Anila Kuriakose (DEC) & Prof. P.R. Madhava Panicker (DEI)


     The Club aims at promoting the mathematical skills and acumen of the students. Membership is open to all students with a strong affinity to Mathematics. The activities of the club include quizzes, puzzles, video shows, projects, workshops etc.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Jaya Abraham (DBSH) & Ms. Maria Paulose (DBSH)


     The chief objective of this club is to encourage students to develop both their Engineering and General knowledge, by participating in various intra and inter college competitions. Right from its inception, the quiz club has won laurels for the college with its various achievements.
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Jose Antony (DBSH), MS. Meherban M.S (DCS), Mr. Jayakumar J (DCE) & Mr. Vishnu Shanker (DME)


     The RSET 'TREE' (Together Restoring Environment Effectively) Nature Club organizes nature conservation activities, study trips, quizzes, bird watching trips etc. Cycle campaign trip and trekking are the specialties. The club aims at promoting an eco-friendly life style in the society.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Anjusree V K (DCS), Dr. Ramkumar P B (DBSH) & Ms. Swapna Davies (DEC)


The RSET music club is formed with the active participation of students from all batches. The club encourages the students to generate new horizons to their musical dreams. The music club has been instrumental in encouraging students to participate in many coveted musical events and bring laurels to the college. ‘The Voice Hunt’, an annual contest in search of talents in the field of music among the freshers is conducted in close association with the music club.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Prathibha P K (DEE), Ms. Saritha V (DBSH), Ms. Anitha V (DCE), Ms. Rinju Mariam Rolly (DEC) & John Paul (DME) 


     The NSS (National Service Scheme) of RSET was inaugurated, and started functioning from January 2004. The unit has 100 dedicated registered volunteers at present, who enthusiastically undertakes social and humanitarian projects assessing the need of the society. The unit helps the two wards near the college by sponsoring children for their educational needs as well.
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Jithin K Francis – Programme Officer (DME), Fr. Mejo Paul (DEE), Dr. Hari C V (DEI), Mr. Jayakumar J (DCE), Mr. Sandy Joseph (DCS), Ms. Soniya Raju (DEE),Mr. Boniful P.L & Ms. Shyama Sreekumar (DEC), Mr. Binu A (DIT), Mr. VIneeth Krishna P (DME) & Mr. Rejeesh T Chacko (DBSH)


The seven branch associations carry out various students' activities to enhance the general technical skills and awareness of students. They are:

ELECTRONAUTS : Electronics & Communication Engineering

APPTRONICS : Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

CYBERBLITZ : Computer Science & Engineering

i-TRAX : Information Technology & Engineering

ELUXTRA : Electrical & Electronics Engineering

REAL MECHANICA: Mechanical Engineering

NIRMANA: Civil Engineering