Student Clubs

     The RSET Arts Club encourages the artistic talents of the students, provides them with the opportunity to hone their organizational skills and develop a spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation. It organizes the Arts Festival – ‘Bharatham’, a cultural extravaganza spread out over a week.
     The Literary Forum provides the students with opportunities to develop and hone their creative skills, and conducts literary workshops, seminars and discussions on literature and creative writing.

     The Club aims at promoting the mathematical skills and sharpness of the students. Membership is open to all students with a strong affinity to mathematics. The activities of the club include quizzes, puzzles, video shows, projects, workshops etc.

     The chief objective of this club is to encourage students to develop both their Engineering and General knowledge, by participating in various intra and inter college competitions. Right from its inception, the quiz club has won laurels for the college with its various achievements.

     The RSET 'TREE' (Together Restoring Environment Effectively) Nature Club organizes nature conservation activities, study trips, quizzes, bird watching trips etc. Cycle campaign trip and trekking are the specialties. The club aims at promoting an eco-friendly life style in the society.

     The NSS (National Service Scheme) of RSET was inaugurated, and started functioning from January 2004. The unit has 100 dedicated registered volunteers at present. The unit helps the two wards near the college by sponsoring children for their educational needs.

     The Entrepreneurship Development Club has been set up with the objective of inculcating an entrepreneurial culture in the students, and to sensitize them to the real economic and industrial development scenario. The Club organizes interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs, workshops and debates, and interaction with promotional agencies.

YI ( Young Indians - RSET Chapter)
     Young Indians (Yi) is an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s premier business association, formed in the year 2002, with an objective of creating a platform for young Indians to realize the dream of a developed nation. A MOU has been Signed between RSET and YI Kochi chapter. We have a RSET Yi-Net council consisting of RSET Students, Teacher co-ordinator and a Net guide, who is a member of Yi-Kochi chapter. We've organized Yi initiation chapter meetings and internal net meetngs. Our students have gone for leadership summit in 2008 held at Bombay, Goa & Munnar.

YI ( Young Indians)



      The five branch associations carry out various students' activities to enhance the general technical skills and awareness of students. They are:

ELECTRONAUTS : Electronics & Communication Engineering
APPTRONICS : Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
CYBERBLITZ : Computer Science & Engineering
i-TRAX : Information Technology & Engineering
ELUXTRA : Electrical & Electronics Engineering
REAL MECHANICA: Mechanical Engineering