One of the largest special interest societies within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the IAS focuses specifically on the unique needs of industry and commerce. IAS is a source of professional power to its nearly 10,000 worldwide members. Through a network of over 100 chapters globally, regional events and national and international conferences, the society keeps members abreast of current developments in the area of technology in electricity and electronics. IAS enriches both its individual members and the industry as a whole through the sharing of specific industry-related solutions.

Three Reasons to Join IAS

1. Informative Meetings, Seminars and Conferences.

Exchange information with the foremost industrial experts through personal participation in a local chapter meetings, seminars and regional, national and international conferences which can be accessed at Events and Conferences page. The IAS has one of the largest special interest programs of any IEEE society, which include:

  • IEEE IAS Annual Meeting
  • Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition
  • Applied Power Electronics Conference
  • Cement Industry Conference
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency Workshop
  • Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Conference
  • Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference
  • Pulp, Paper and Forest Industries Conference
  • Rural Electric Power Industry Conference

The IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, the Society's premiere conference has sessions from over our diverse technical committees which cover the complete spectrum of industry applications. Our other conferences listed above are generally more specific to a particular field within the society scope.
Active IAS Members can be Found Virtually Anywhere Electricity or Electronics is Applied:

2. Valuable Professional Publications.

IEEE publishes journals, conferences, and standards in electrical, electronics, and all related technologies.  Also a membership benefit, through IEEE Xplore digital library, members can easily search over nearly two million IEEE documents, including otherwise difficult-to-find conference papers.  The IEEE Xplore digital library delivers instant access to high quality full text research papers including all graphics, individual online article purchase via credit card, free keyword searching, unlimited viewing of basic abstracts, a growing backfile with many publications back to 1950 and earlier, plus affordable subscription options such as IEEE Enterprise.
IAS strengthens the professional knowledge connection by sponsoring a range of books and periodicals within its technical specialty ( >>publications).  The IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine are the flagship publications of the Industry Applications Society. 
This bimonthly publication to IAS members documents original contributions to real-world applications of electrical apparatus and systems in the field of interest of the committees as well as Society news.  The content of the Transactions and the Magazine are archived in IEEE XPlore, and one of the privileges of IAS members is unlimited access to IAS Transactions and Magazine areas in Xplore.  The Magazine is benefit of the membership and printed copies of the Transactions are available by optional subscription. The IAS is one of the principal contributors to IEEE Standards, and Working Groups are active throughout the Society. One noteworthy example of IAS work is the IEEE Color Books, renowned as a major resource for design of industrial and commercial power systems.

3.A Chance to Advance Your Industry.

The opportunity to personally contribute to the betterment of your industry is a key IAS member benefit. Committees within IAS play a central role in establishing over 25% of all IEEE industry standards. Four technical departments, each serving a key segment of industry, bring professionals together to advance the interests of the field as a whole. Through these activities, individual members gain the satisfaction of knowing their efforts will contribute to a more productive and safer industrial environment for the generations to come.

IAS: Membership Options

Many engineering professionals are already eligible to be a part of the IAS, and may not even know it. Any current member of the IEEE is eligible to join IAS by applying and paying a nominal fee.  If your professional interests dovetail with IAS but not IEEE, it is possible to join as an Organization Affiliate with IAS (at a significantly reduced dues rate) without becoming an IEEE member.  An Organization Affiliate must be a member of a professional organization in a related scientific or technical field. Approved affiliate organizations include EPE, IEE, VDE, IEEJ, AEI,  ASChE, AIME, ASME, SME and ISA, to name just a few. Students are encouraged to participate in the Society at a significantly reduced dues rate. 

One Final Reason to Join

There is a stronger reason for being part of IAS, which doesn’t show up in the technical publications or on the days at conferences.  It comes from being an active part of a group of men and women, young and old, who are bound together by a common interest in industry.  Building a network of professional connections is a part of it, as is staying on the inside track on happenings in the field.  But most of all, the satisfaction comes from an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for your profession, and to be re-energized by the enthusiasm of others.  It is this sense of mutual benefit that has made thousands of professionals from all over the world glad they completed the form in this brochure or in the web ( Complete the form’ll be glad you did too!
Membership in IAS will give you the opportunity to become acquainted and work with these experts.
IEEE IAS RSET Student Branch is a non-profit volunteer based organization which fosters technological innovation and excellence for the betterment of the society. We positively try to provide an environment where engineers can meet the people from Industrial world and collaborate and change the word of technology and innovation in leading fields. We encourage exchange of information with the foremost industrial experts through personal participation.
To strengthen and enlighten young engineers and to keep them well informed about the technological and industrial advancements in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  • PROJECT LUMIERE: It is an initiate aimed to help both students and engineers understand the importance of electrical energy through conducting various awareness programs and workshops.
  • WORSHOPS:IAS is planning to conduct hands-on workshops based on advanced web technologies and artificial intelligence.

The official inauguration of the IAS chapter of the RSET IEEE SB was held on the first of September. The event was graced with the presence of Mr Sunil Paul who gave a very inspiring talk on robotics and microcontroller programming. The official website of the IAS chapter was launched by the principal of RSET ,Dr AUnnikrishnan.
Office Bearers

Arbite John  


Rohit V          


Kavyasree Nair


Abhinav Thomas

Webmaster and Networking Head.

Faculty Advisors
Mr JebinFrancis,Department Of Electrical  and Electronics Engineering,RSET