Quantum – Database & Project Lab
This lab was established in 2003. The objective of this laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for conducting the regular labs (Data Structures Lab, DBMS Lab, Network Lab, Compiler Lab, OS Lab and Programming Languages Lab) and Mini & Major project works for the BTech Programs. The lab is equipped with state of the art servers, desktops and software.

Software/Hardware includes :
  • Dell Optiplex Systems
  • Oracle 10g |
  • Cisco Packet Tracer |
  • Masam|
  • Java |
Ulysses – Advanced Computing Lab
Ulyssys Lab is to support advanced computing requirements of faculty and students in the department. Uyssys lab is equipped with the latest industry-standard hardware and software, including Internet of Things (IoT) lab suits, Concurrent Programming environment like MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL, Erlang, Map Reduce and OpenACC, Network lab suits which includes switches and routers, and distributed computing environment. The Lab is established with financial support of CTS, India.
List of Computing Environments
1. Network Demonstration Station
2. Big Data - Map Reduce/Apache Spark using Hadoop
3. Distributed Memory Programming using MPI
4. Computation Accelerators using GPU
5. Shared Memory Programming using Multi-Threading
6. Mobile Application Development - Apple/Android
7. IoT Application Development
8. Web Application Development
Software/Hardware includes :
  • Android studio |
  • Xcode - iphone app development ide |
  • Wireshark network analyzer |
  • Cisco packet tracer|
  • Cooja network simulator/omnet++/ns3/ns2 |
  • Mininet network emulator for SDN|
  • Cloudsim - Cloud computing simulator|
  • Gephi - Graph visualizing tool|
  • Arduino studio|
  • Weka/ Rapidminer studio - data mining tool|
  • Dell Precision Tower 3620, Quad Core Processor,16 GB, Nvidia Graphics card |
  • Arduino studio|
  • Apple Mac MT,Intel Core i5,4 GB RAM,500 GB HDD,O/S Apple Macintosh |
  • CISCO 2900 series router |
  • CISCO 2 port interface card (CISCO 2900 compatible) |
  • CISCO 28 port (sg300 switch) |
  • CISCO 24 port (sf300 switch) |
  • CISCO WAP 121 wireless access point |
  • NVIDIA QUADRO K620 2GB pcie graphics card |
  • AMD FIREPRO 4GB 128-bit gddr5 graphic card |
  • Raspberry Pi 5 Nos |
  • Arduino with Sensor kits 5 Nos|

KleinRock - Networks and Mobile Systems Research Lab

The KleinRock was established in 2011 to support teaching and research in the area of Networks and Mobile Systems research in the Dept. of Information Technology. Lab consists of high-end workstations with GPU for exclusive use of M Tech students. The lab is equipped with modern teaching aids.

The primary areas of research for our lab has been
• Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
• Cloud Computing
• Big Data Analytics
• Intrusion Systems
• Network Optimizations
• Stream computing
• Web Mining
• Intelligent Networks
• Energy efficient networks
• Autonomous self configuring network protocol for dedicated real time systems
• Online Social Networks
• Efficient Graph Processing
• P2P systems

The lab has started numerous R&D projects. Each of these projects consists of Postgraduate Students guided by faculty members and personnel from leading Research Organizations. Interaction and collaboration of cross- disciplinary people through the lab provides a sound foundation for Research.

Software/Hardware includes :
  • DELL Precision T1600
  • Cisco Packet Tracer |
  • CISCO 2900 series routers|
  • CISCO 28 PORT (SG300 SWITCH) |
  • CISCO AP541N dual band signal radio acess points |

Established in: 2018
Capacity: 75
Computer Configurations
Processor: Intel Core i7 8700 3.2 GHz
Storage: 1 TB
OS: Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

This lab is used as the Central Computing Facility of the department. Currently this lab is utilized by B.Tech students for Application Software Development Lab, C Programming Lab & Project