Young Indians (Yi)

Young Indians (Yi) is an integral part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), an NGO promoting the attitude of "We Can, We Will". The organization is led and managed by industry providing a platform for the youth to promote entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Yi conducts regional and national summits on themes related to times and role of youth, and its engagement with the governments at the state and national level gives an opportunity for the members to become effective leaders with a vision into the future. Yi student chapter at RSET was launched on 10th May 2010, and ever since many programs have been organized by the student members including entrepreneurship development talks and socially relevant activities like tutoring physically handicapped children on a weekly basis.
Faculty Advisors
Ms.Aysha Zeneeb,Department of Civil Engineering,RSET
Mr.Jeffin Johnson, Department of Mechanical Engineering,RSET
Ms. Neeba EA, Department of Information Technology,RSET
Mr. Jeffin Johnson, Department of Mechanical Engineering,RSET
Ms. Neeba EA,Department of Information Technology,RSET
Mr. Sudheesh PG, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,RSET