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Society/Affinity Group WIE - IEEE Women In Engineering

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The IEEE Student Branch of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology is the product of a combined effort from the qualified faculty members and talented students of RSET. We are a gathering of energetic and innovative individuals from various disciplines of engineering. By joining hands with IEEE we have pledged to make the world a better place, thereby manifesting a fitter path for the ages to come. IEEE which leads the ways for thousands of professional to gain their dreams has been a part of RSET since the year 2006 and have been conducting various events for benefits of their members.

The Student Branch Execom handover takes place in the second week of January every year, to help the new members in the execom get familiarized with the workings and duties that are being given to them. This helps the outgoing members to give clear instructions and guidance to the new members for a smooth transition. This practice has led to a continued and effective functioning of the student branch.

We encourage the members in our student branch to make use of every opportunity that comes their way and to try to do the best they can, this includes applying for scholarships, grants and awards for their work. Over the last few years, we have had 100s of students apply for various scholarships, grants and awards and have won many of them, including REM Scholarships, Best Volunteers and travel grants. These awards and recognitions have helped boost the morale of all the members and have also made the members more dedicated in their work towards the Student Branch and IEEE.

The WiE Affinity Group of our student branch recognised that a majority of girls within our student branch have a lack of excellence in any one skill, so initially we began by conducting coding classes for the students. Series of classes were conducted, one as a basics class and the other as an intermediate one. We then expanded to instill other important skills such as Web Development, Video creation, content writing etc. which happened subsequently.

The volunteering efforts of the members are what makes an SB great and that effort should not go unappreciated, and that is why we introduced Volunteering awards within our SB to express our appreciation for the work done by volunteers. This will motivate them to do better as they know the work they do is being noticed by everyone.

Our SB has also taken up initiatives to help the community and achieve IEEE’s motto of “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. We have also taken initiatives to help students improve their skills and become better in their fields of interest. To know whats happening in our SB visit :

Office Bearers List – 2019-2020
Mr. Sreekumar G – ECE – Branch Councillor
Ms. Meena V       - AEI – Faculty Advisors
Mr. Jebin Francis – EEE - Faculty Advisors
Mr. Nitheesh Kurian – ECE – Faculty Advisors
Ms. Meharban MS – CSE - Faculty Advisors
Ms. Anjusree V K – CSE - Faculty Advisors
Mr. Sai Bharath Krishna – S7 CSE - Chairman
Mr. Rohith Joseph Mathew – S5 EEE - Vice Chairman
Ms. Chitralekha Rajeev – S7 ECE - Treasurer
Mr. Suraj P Nair – S7 CSE - Secretary
Mr. Sanju Jacob Ebey – S5 CSE - Webmaster
Mr. Hisham Sherief – S5 ECE - Link Representative
Mr. Sidharth Suresh – S5 ECE - Technical Coordinator
Mr. Sourav A K – S5 ECE - Design Lead
Ms. Greeshma Stani – S5 ECE - WIE Chairperson

Mr. Jesudas Damsie – S7 EEE – Chair
Ms. Nivetha K.M – S5 ECE – Secretary


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Branch at RSET endeavours to promote awareness among students on the opportunities that exist in
the field of computer science, electronics and electrical engineering.
The objective is to bridge the gap between industry and students studying in technology related fields, while promoting and providing an intellectually stimulating environment for the student body.
2018-19 was quite a good year for the student branch.
Dr. Deepti Das Krishna handed over the post of Branch Counsellor to Mr. Sreekumar G while Glen Zachariah was selected as the IEEE Chair.
IEEE SB RSET aims to provide an interactive platform for students to develop professional and technical abilities.
During the last one year, the SB has been successful in organizing a number of events/activities.

Activities/Events organized in Academic session 2018-2019


  • IEEE Day celebration

On 6th October 2018, IEEE members from all across the world celebrated IEEE day. The SB also organized an event to mark the celebrations of IEEE Day. On IEEE Day, the initiatives taken by RSET IEEE SB were discussed and presentations were made.

  • Talks

One of the notable event that happened last year was that the SB was lucky enough to organize a talk by Mr. Vincenzo Piuri, candidate for 2019 IEEE President Election. A Professor at the University of Milan, visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, USA and an IEEE Fellow(2001), Piuri was kind enough to share his knowledge in Biometrics and other fields with the students. Professor Vincenzo Piura conducted a talk on applications bio medicine in day to day life, on 9th  August 2018, the workshop was participated by 40 RSET Students. Professor Vincenzo Piura was the president elect (2019). The talk was conducted RSET multimedia hall and saw active participation 40 students. Prof. Vincenzo Piura launched the RSET IEEE SB annual newsletter during this event.

  • Workshops

The SB conducted workshops on following topics:

  • Android
  • Fusion 360
  • PCB Design
  • Arduino
  • WIE Coding classes (exclusively for girls)
  • Competitions

a.  Rubik’s Cube Challenge
b.  Game of Codes
c.  InFocus Photography Contest
d.  PES Quiz

  • INFOCUS 2018


IEEE SB conducted infocus 2018 (photography competition) on 4th of           September 2018, the participants were from RSET Students. About 45 entries were received and the theme was “Engineering in Everyday Life”.



IEEE SB conducted PES quiz in association with IEEE PES Kerala Section for first years on 1st  October 2018, the quiz was held simultaneously in all the engineering colleges during the lunch break.



           IEEE SB conducted coding competition on 6th October 2018 ,the participants were RSET Students.The competition was held for 24 hours and a set of logical and MCQ questions were given to the participants.



IEEE SB conducted PCB designing workshop in association with RSET Tech fest Abhiyanthrki .The workshop was conducted by Glen Zachariah fellow RSET student on 14th March 2019, the workshop was participated by 30 RSET students.



IEEE SB conducted PCB designing workshop .The workshop was conducted by Glen Zachariah fellow RSET student on 10th May 2019 ,the workshop was conducted exclusively for IEEE members and saw an active participation for the same.


  • Flood Relief Activities

Kerala was hit by one of the worst floods in the history of the state. The SB played a small part in the relief activities.SB was able to collect around Rs.20k along with the relief materials required were donated to various camps across the district.