Rajagiri Research and Consultancy Center(RRCC)

Rajagiri Research and Consultancy Center(RRCC) is a body that coordinates the research activities of Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology in view of sponsored industrial projects and consultancy. It nurtures the creative problem solving skills of the faculty and students. Each research group consists of faculty members and research students who research on specialized areas of engineering.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Varghese Panthalookaran CMI

The various research groups are:

Interdisciplinary Research Groups:

  • Robotics & Automation Group (DEC, DCS & DME)
  • Image Processing & Computer Vision Group (DEC, DIT, DCS, DAE)
  • High Performance Computing Group (DAEI, DEC, DCS, DIT, DEE, DME & BSH)
  • Machine Learning Group (DAE, DEC, DCS & DIT)
  • Speech & Acoustic Image Group (DAEI, DEC)
  • Bio-design, Instruments, Research & Development (BIRD) Group (DAEI, DEC, DCS, DIT, DEE, DME & BSH)

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering:

  • Communication Systems Group
  • Signal Processing Group
  • VLSI &Embedded Systems Group
  • Optomechatronics Group

Department of Computer Sciences & Engineering:

  • Computer Security Group
  • Computer Networking Group
  • Data Mining Group
  • Image Processing Group
  • Natural Language Processing Group
  • Pattern Recognition & Fault Tolerant Computing Group
  • Theoretical Computer Science Group
  • Cloud Computing Group
  • Software Engineering Group

Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation:

  • Instrumentation Design & Development Group
  • Process Control Group
  • Signal Processing Group

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

  • Power Electronics & Drives Group
  • Intelligent Machine Control Group
  • Distributed Grid Integration Group

Department of Information Technology:

  • Distributed Computing and Systems Group
  • Networks Group
  • Data Mining Group

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Energy: Solar & Thermal Systems Group
  • Computer-aided Engineering Group
  • Manufacturing Engineering Group


Department of Civil Engineering:

  • Structural Engineering Group
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Group
  • Transportation Engineering Group
  • Water Resources Engineering Group

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities:

  • Chaos and Fractals Group
  • Fuzzy Systems Group
  • Mathematical Morphology Group
  • Complex Dynamics Group
  • Fractal Geometry Group
  • Graph Theoretic Signal Processing Group
  • Electrochemical Energy System Group
  • Nanomaterials Group
  • Engineering Education Group

The research groups and Centers of Excellence also support students in developing their research and life-long learning skills and to implement their undergraduate/graduate projects. A typical undergraduate research project at RSET, for example, consists of four phases. 1) “Nano-project” phase, where the first year undergraduate students are initiated into the innovative themes of the respective engineering discipline, 2) “Micro-project” phase, where the undergraduate students get experiential introduction to undergraduate research, 3) “Mini-project” phase, where concrete definition is given to the undergraduate project and 4) “Macro-project” phase, where the project is implemented and reported. Student groups are mentored by RRCC research groups in view of the undergraduate/graduate projects. The necessary skill-set required by specific project is acquired through dedicated programs like, workshops, industrial visits, conferences and lectures organized by RRCC research groups. Students with motivation and talent can design and develop projects in these areas, starting right from their third semester.

  • Coordinator: Dr.-Ing. Varghese Panthalookaran