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The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities has come together in a harmonious
amalgamation, creating ‘Conexus’ - a name that encapsulates the diverse fields of science and arts, including Physics, Chemistry, English, Humanities, Physical Education, and Psychology. This pioneering initiative by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities aims to foster
an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and promote research across these fields, with a sincere desire to gain recognition from esteemed researchers. The journal eagerly welcomes papers from students and faculty alike, under the disciplines of Chemistry, Economics, English, Physics, Physical Education, and Psychology, centered around a specific theme. We intend to release an edition every academic year and the students whose papers are accepted will be awarded 20 activity points as a token of appreciation for their contributions.
Editorial Board

  1. Dr.-Ing Varghese Panthalookaran (Physics)
  2. Dr. Antony V. Varghese (Chemistry)
  3. Dr. Sonia Paul (English)

Conexus team

  1. Dr. Deepa K. Baby (Co-ordinator)
  2. Dr. Diana Joe K. (Co-ordinator)
  3. Mr Sujith S. (Secretary)
  4. Mr. Vinay Menon
  5. Ms. Neethu George
  6. Ms. Sinu Jacob