HoD’s Message

Greetings from the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities!

We are today witnessing unprecedented change and upheaval in all spheres of activity; and education – both in terms of "what" is delivered and "how" it is delivered – plays a critical role in shaping our responses to these changes. Our department focuses on empowering our students with the cognitive and non-cognitive skills required for facing these challenges and emerging the better for it.

One among the first departments to be established in RSET in 2001, our department has at all times reflected the culture and values of the institution. Utilizing the core strengths of our accomplished faculty members, we aim to inculcate in our students scientific and humanistic perspectives in a perfectly balanced way.

Our department offers the foundational courses in Chemistry, Economics, English, and Physics in the undergraduate engineering program. Faculty members in Chemistry and Physics are approved research supervisors of the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. The faculty of Physical Education and the Student Welfare Office are part of our department. We are also vested with the responsibility of coordinating the first year undergraduate engineering programme, guiding the freshmen through the transition from school to university.

The enthusiastic and committed work of the faculty members, both past and present, has helped the department distinguish itself in terms of academics and research, and in organizing and supporting various other institutional activities. In the years ahead, the department will, with its diligently crafted syllabi, quality research and pioneering pedagogies, continue to contribute towards building the reputation of RSET as one among the top-notch institutions of higher learning. Thank you. 

Dr. Sonia Paul., Ph D,M.Phil
Professor & Head