Language Lab

The RSET Language Lab is managed by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities and provides language tutorials for students across all first-year programmes. The exercises give the students exposure to a variety of listening and speaking drills, helping them to overcome language deficiencies and improve their command of the language.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Engineering chemistry labs are an important part of engineering education as they help students to gain practical knowledge and skills related to chemical principles and their applications in engineering. The lab experiments are designed to teach students about the fundamental concepts of chemistry and their relevance to engineering. It also helps them develop problem-solving and analytical skills, which are essential for success in the field of engineering.

Engineering Physics Lab

Laboratory experiments help students gain hands-on experience with physical concepts through the measurements of physical quantities and the conduct of experiments.
As engineers of the future, the students are expected to know how to apply the concepts in physics in engineering. They are, therefore, introduced to making quantitative measurements in real-world conditions, and trained to record and process experimental data.