Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab

The Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab is an indispensable supplement to the theory of Fluid Mechanics. It helps students to understand by performing experiments on the basic laws and equations used for analysis of static and dynamic fluids. The main activities of the Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines are teaching, research and service in the field of hydrodynamics of rotating machines such as hydraulic turbines, pumps, etc. Both theoretical and experimental aspects are investigated with a particular emphasis on the industrial applications such as the design, the installation and the operation of hydraulic machines. Measurements of critical Performance parameters like efficiency, flow rate etc. of various hydraulic machines such as turbines, pumps are also measured in this lab. The equipment is operated in a closed loop system which conserves water and averts the need for large quantities of water supply. A separate section is devoted to display cut models of different components of pumps and turbines.

Computer Aided Design and Analysis Lab

This lab aims to train the students in solid modelling, surface modelling, assembly modelling, mechanism design and drafting. The latest version of modelling software 3D experience is used in the lab. CAD Lab is also equipped with structural and CFD analysis softwares like ANSYS 19 which helps students to conduct numerical analysis on complex structures and fluid flow problems.

Lab Facilities includes :
  • Dell Precision T-1650 Server Machine |
  • ANSYS 2019 |
  • CATIA V6 |

Thermal Engineering

The lab includes the study of systems & components of IC Engines and study of dynamometers used in engine testing. The lab also provides the experience on; testing the performance of IC engines and testing of fuels & lubricants, which includes the determination of their flash and fire points, viscosity and calorific values.

Manufacturing Technology Lab I

This lab gives students relevant exposure in the use of advanced machine tools like shaping machine, slotting machine and milling machines. Together with machine tools lab, it aims at enhancement of practical skills as well as development of awareness about machine upkeep, safety practices etc. This lab gives students relevant exposure to important machining processes that are in use in the industry. It gives hands on experience in the use of the Lathes, drilling machine and welding equipment’s (TIG, MIG and Gas Welding). Lab also gives training on CNC lathe machine and thereby can also gain knowledge in CNC part programming.

Lab Facilities includes :

Manufacturing Technology Lab II

This lab aims at introducing relevant measurement systems and equipment’s that are used on the shop floor and in calibration rooms. Basic knowledge about the usage of measuring devices, their calibration and measurement standards are imparted to the students.

Lab Facilities includes :

Mechanical Engineering Lab

The lab includes the study of systems related to various modes of heat transfer, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The lab also aims to educate students on various governors, gyroscope, vibration apparatus.

Project Laboratory

The project laboratory in the department is equipped with all facilities for carrying out project works of the students. Almost all the projects done by the students are in-house projects. A few student projects/research work are done in association with industries like HMT, Autocast, Harrison Malayalam Ltd., etc. A few projects done by the students are also kept in the laboratory. It is equipped with basic facilities like Lathe, Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Air-Compressor, Power Hacksaw and Welding Machine. Students are motivated to design and develop innovative projects, starting right from their third semester using the facility in Project Laboratory and various labs.

Metallurgical Testing Lab

Metallurgical testing laboratory is equipped with metallography facilities including wheel grinding and polishing of metal and ceramic samples. Polished and etched metal specimen can be analyzed through Leica optical microscope equipped with digital camera and image analysis software. Students will be able to understand the microstructures of ferrous and non ferrous metals processed at different conditions including heat treatment, corrosion and failure. Laboratory has muffle furnace and Jominy End quench facility to study heat treatment, melting of metals, sintering of metal powders. Different metal and non-metal specimens can be wear tested in DUCOM tribometer which is largely useful for research students.

Lab Facilities includes :

Mechanical workshop

Mechanical Workshop: Workshop facilities will enable the students of various streams of engineering to gain basic knowledge in fitting, smithy, foundry and carpentry.