Research Group

Research Focus


Process control

Focuses on areas such as boiler controls, advanced process control strategies like cascade feed-forward, ratio control etc, conveyer automation, environmental management, power quality management, bottle filling, case packing, virtual instrumentation and testing and calibration of instruments.

The group is currently focusing on projects in the area Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Training program on process control for  graduates of instrumentation is being conducted on a periodic basis using DCS, PLC and other facilities available in the lab.

Lead: Mr. Krishnakumar K.P
Fr. Joseph C
Ms. Mary Hexy
Mr. Vimal kumar V

Instrumentation Design & Development

Aims at developing instruments for different applications, through student projects.
Instruments include teaching aids, toys, devices for industrial applications, medical equipment/ devices, measuring instruments and safety instruments.

Lead: Ms. Priya S
Ms. Aparna George
Ms. Lekshmi M S
Ms. Remya K R
Fr. Thomas P. J

Biomedical Instrumentation & Signal Processing

The group is involved in the  R&D of bio instruments in associations with BIRDS(Bio Instruments Research and Development Society)
Upper limb rehabilitation system, kinetic gait analysis device, automated monitoring of neonatal chamber and instrument for oral cancer detection are some of the projects carried out in this direction.
The group also focuses on machine learning using one dimensional and two dimensional signals. Algorithms making use of deep learning techniques are also being taken up.
Speaker recognition, brain tumor detection, milk adulterant detection, detection of fake biometric samples, medical image analysis, enhancement, de-noising and segmentation, and early oral cancer detection are some of the projects carried out by this group.

Lead: Dr. Abraham Thomas
Dr. Hari C. V
Ms. Liza Annie Joseph
Dr. Sreekumar G
Ms. Poornima S