Bio Instruments Research and Development Society (BIRDS )

The institution has an interdisciplinary research group called Bio Instruments Research and Development Society (BIRDS).  BIRDS  is a forum for professionals in the field of medicine and engineering to work in collaboration.
Main Activities:

  • Conduct workshops/seminars annually:
  • Conducted a half day workshop on 'Enabling Technologies for Health Care' in association with IEEE EMBS Kerala Chapter at RSET on 16th Aug 2016.
  • One day workshop on BIRDS-'so far and future'with panel discussions on 6th June 2017.
  • R&D on biomedical instruments:
    1. Designing a 'Upper limb rehabilitation system'for patients with impairments after a stroke.
    2. Designing of a 'Kinetic gait analysis device' for recording, analyzing and reporting gait of physically impaired.
    3. Designing of a 'Therapeutic hand massager'.
  • Taking up issues referred to the Society by practicing doctors:

Research on EEG signals since 2012.  Associated with doctors and medical industries to bring out improvements in the current method of EEG recordings. 

  • Student projects:
    1. Internships for PG students
    2. Projects for UG students
  • Transfer of technology to industry:

Interaction with R& D Center, SFO, Ms. NeST Technologies, Kakkanad for developing projects as products on 6th Feb 2018.

  • Development of equipment and software tools for medical diagnosis and treatment.
Regular faculty interactions with doctors at Rajagiri Hospital, Kalamassery.