Measurements laboratory

The Measurements lab is well equipped to train the students in multiple ways. The lab is used for conducting regular laboratory experiments for courses like Analog Circuits – I Lab, Analog Circuits – 2 Lab, Measurements and Industrial Instrumentation Lab, Basic Electronics Workshop, Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab etc., under the MGU and KTU syllabus. The lab has modern high quality measuring instruments for precise measurements of electrical and process parameters. This laboratory is has the facilities for students to carry out advanced experiments as part of their course and also to do academic project work during the pre-final and final years of their UG programmes. Short term course conducted in the lab

  • PCB fabrication
  • PSpice OrCAD and Basic electronic circuit soldering practices
  • Workshop on  Robotics Studio Software

Microprocessor Laboratory:

The laboratory is well equipped with trainer kits for digital electronics, microprocessors and microcontrollers. In addition to conducting regular lab experiments for courses like Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab, Digital IC Lab and Logic Design Lab under MGU and KTU syllabus, the lab also has Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and their peripherals, for students to do their academic projects and hobby projects. Little Bits kit, the award winning electronic building blocks, in the lab is used to generate interest in electronics among students. The lab is regularly used to host short term courses on soldering practices, PSpice, PIC microcontrollers, little Bits etc. The laboratory was sanctioned an amount of Rs. 5.3 Lakhs in 2013 to be modified under MODROB scheme from AICTE. Short term course conducted in the lab

  • Short term course in ARM Processors
  • PIC micro controllers,
  • Raspberry Pi and introduction to Python programming

Process Control Laboratory

A modern lab built according to industry standards. The lab focuses on experiments to design and implement control schemes for different processes. The laboratory is equipped with process stations such as level, flow, and pressure. Students can carry out design experiments and projects in the lab. The laboratory is also equipped with different types of sensors, calibration units, actuators, control valves and transmitters. The laboratory facilities include DCS, PLC, SCADA and Labview-DAQ systems. The lab has several desktop computers to meet the Computer Aided Engineering simulation requirements. The laboratory has been modified under MODROB scheme from AICTE.
Short term course conducted in the lab

  • Workshop on Industrial Automation
  • Course on PLC and Industrial Automation
  • Course on PLC and SCADA
  • PLC Training & Field Instrumentation
  • Introduction to LabVIEW and  NI DAQ HARDWARES
  • Training on DCS Engineering & Field Bus overview

Fourier Laboratory

The Fourier lab is well equipped mainly to train students in Signal Processing and related areas of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.  It is used primarily by students doing their M.Tech. in Signal Processing. It is used for conducting their first and second semester Signal Processing labs and also utilized for their mini  and main project as part of their M.Tech. course. The laboratory has sufficient number of Desktop computers and work stations, has several OMAP L138/C6748 DSP Development Kits and also has Signal Generator and Digital Storage Oscilloscope.  The computers are installed with softwares such as MATLAB and Code Composer Studio among others
Short term course conducted in the lab

  • Short term course on “Texas Instruments OMAP- L138 Development kit”
  • Introduction to MATLAB,
  • Workshop on Optimized software Implementation Techniques
  • Hands on Training Program on LaTeX

  • Google Translate

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