Cyberblitz is the association of the Computer Science & Engineering department. Cyberblitz plays its role of giving opportunities and exposure for the young minds of the department to the tech world through different events like Technical Talks, Group Discussions, TechXtreme, Technical Quizzes, Cyberblitz Magazine, Workshops etc. Cyberblitz is run by the student coordinators under the guidance of faculty members from the department.



  1. Ms. Meera M
  2. Ms. Anjusree V K


Chairman:               Adithya Menon    
Vice-Chairman:       Jomol George    
Joint Secretary:       Rinso Rojas    
Treasurer:                Selma Majeeb   

Executive Member:      Bestina Pariyath

Executive Member:      Ajay Padmanabhan

Executive Member:      Divya Sandhya Hari

Executive Member:      Immanuel Philipose Antony

Executive Member:      Vishak J Nair

Executive Member:      Vinay Narayan 
Executive Member:      Ajay Issac
Executive Member:      Aiswarya V
Executive Member:      M Revathy
Executive Member:      Don Antony
Executive Member:      Abraham Wilson
Executive Member:      Joshua Joseph
Executive Member:      Nathaniel Roby Vettoor
Executive Member:      Noora Fathima


SL NO Date  Event Name Participants
1 14/8/2018 Inauguration of Cyberblitz S3,S5 and S7 Students
2 14/8/2018 Technichal Talk by Dr.Brijesh Madhavan, CEO CURVELOGICS S3,S5 and S7 Students
3 25/9/2018 Technichal Talk-SIX THINKING HATS’  by Prof. K S Mathew,Professor Dept of Computer Science and    Engineering ,RSET S3,S5 and S7 Students
4 29/9/2018 HELLO WORLD 2- conducted training sessions for the students of FMCT HSS ,
Karumalloor on HTML
Students of FMCT HSS, Karumalloor
5 10-12-2018 Pictionary- technical competition S3, S5, S7 Students
6 23/10/2018 Hacktoberfest - to explore new opportunities 
in the world of open source. 
7 26/11/2018  Code Dios-2’ -coding competition Second and First year Students


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