Cyberblitz is the association of the Computer Science & Engineering department. Cyberblitz plays its role of giving opportunities and exposure for the young minds of the department to the tech world through different events like Technical Talks, Group Discussions, TechXtreme, Technical Quizzes, Cyberblitz Magazine, Workshops etc. Cyberblitz is run by the student coordinators under the guidance of faculty members from the department.

Cyberblitz committee 2023-24

Executive Committee
Chairman : Jeffin Jitto (S7 CS B)
Vice chairman : Gayathri Ravi (S7 CS B)
Secretary : Allwyn Antony Rodrigues (S5 CS A)
S1 Representative : Adithya U (S1 CS A)
S3 Representative : Richard Sabu(S3 CS C)

Members :
Arnold Shibhu (S1 CS A)
Adithiya U (S1 CS CS A)
Alna Jaison (S1 CS A)
Cebatina Treesa Joseph (S1 CS A)
Joyal Jose (S1 CS B)
Kevin Jose (S1 CS B)
Janet Eldho (S1 CS B)
Junit Sara Varghese (S1 CS B)
Mohammad Saad(S1 CS C)
Ryan (S1 CS C)
Richu (S1 CS C)
Nivedita(S1 CS C)
Aaron Korah (S3 CS A)
Basil Raju (S3 CS A)
Anitta Sebi (S3 CS A)
Aparna(S3 CS A)
George Emmanuel Thomas(S3 CS B)
Jaice Joshy (S3 CS B)
Giribala Arun (S3 CS B)
Michelle Mariam Vivek (S3 CS B)
Sreenandan Pradeep (S3 CS C)
Richard Sabu (S3 CS C)
Sandra Kurien (S3 CS C)
Nia Jobby (S3 CS C)
Chris John (S5 CS A)
Aswin Santhosh (S5 CS A)
Aarathi Nair (S5 CS A)
Anushri Dilip(S5 CS A)
Elviin Thomas Eldho(S5 CS B)
J K Yaswanth (S5 CS B)
Gayathri Bijoy (S5 CS B)
Juniot Mariyam Thomas(S5 CS B)
Vijay K V (S5 CS C)
Sanoy Boby (S5 CS C)
Niveditha B (S5 CS C)
Vismaya Balakrishnan (S5 CS C)
Ajoe Joseph (S7 CS A)
Avelin Theresa (S7 CS A)
Akash Vijay (S7 CS A)
Aleena Siby (S7 CS A)
JeffinJitto (S7 CS B)
Joel Manuel C J(S7 CS B)
Gayatri Ravi (S7 CS B)
Eliabeth Gigi(S7 CS B)
Tijin T Babu (S7 CS C)
Sreeranj S (S7 CS C)
Sneha Sarah John (S7 CS C)
Sneha Elsa Mathew(S7 CS C)


Date Event name Category Details Participants
16 September 2023 Build your own generative AI Model Online workshop Online AI workshop in association with NxtWave Disruptive Technologies All branches students
15 September 2023 GitHub Repository launch & workshop Workshop Launch of RSET CS - GitHub Repository and a workshop on "GitHub operations"   CS students
9 June 2023
Code Hunt Coding competition A technical event to evaluate the coding skills of the students.  CS students
8,9 and 16 June 2023 Workshop on LateX Workshop A workshop to familiarize the participants on how to use the LateX tool for writing project reports and publications by Mr. Harikrishnan M. S6 CS students
2 June 2023 Scope of Current Opportunities
in IT Sector - Devops - AWS
Technical talk A technical talk  in collaboration with Armia Systems Pvt Ltd. on the  Current Opportunities in IT Sector - Devops - AWS - Linux CS students
26 May 2023
Data Science Trends in
International Organizations
Talk session Talk on 'Data Science Trends in International Organizations' by Mr. Martin George, Data Scientist at the UN, Austria CS students
23 June 2023 VENATUS Gaming competition A computer-gaming (FIFA) competition was conducted to motivate the young gamers of the department.  CS students
19 May 2023 Questivity Technical quiz A quiz designed to challenge knowledge and expertise in various fields of Computer Science.   S6 and S4 students 
17 May 2023
Project Exhibition Exhibitions and Expos Exhibition of  S8 Students projects S6 and S4 students
16 June 2023
Python Programming - Hands on Training program Apptronics, the association of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation in association with CyberBlitz  organized a hands-on training program on Python Programming.  S6 AE students
15 December 2022 Inauguration of Cyberblitz Inauguration & Talk A talk by Chief Guest Mr. Mridul George and Cultural events by CS students were conducted as part of Cyberblitz Association Inauguration. CS Students
26 October 2022 A seminar on 'Full Stack Web Development' by Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt Ltd, Kochi. Seminar Seminar provided a basic knowledge on Full stack web development. CS Students
23 July 2022 A talk on 'Power of Data' by Dr. Anand Hareendran S, Associate Professor, Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science, Varikoli. Talk The talk was based on the importance of data, and its use in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural learning, Big Data and data science. CS Students
24 May 2022 Blind Coding Competition An offline coding competition where the students were required to code a solution to the given problem with their monitors turned off. CS Students
10 February 2022 A Workshop on 'Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services' Workshop Workshop conducted to provide basics on cloud computing with Amazon web services S3, S5 CS Students
29 January 2022 Codium Competition The purpose of Codium was to showcase and hone the coding skills of students. CS Students