IndVentr- Sinergia Media Labs signed on 20/10/2020

During the pandemic, the need was to build a low cost ventilator.

Collaborating with Synergia, the department was involved in the development of a BVM based automated resuscitator. Supports a range of ventilation modes & features. Displays real-time waveforms, statistics and configurable Alarms. Comes bundled with a web application for remote/central monitoring. A custom breathing circuit is recommended to reduce dead-space ventilation.

Autodesk signed on 16/10/2018

To promote the skill development and industrial preparedness, students are provided training in AutoCad Electrical, Electrical System Design, Fusion 360. The course completion is provided by Autodesk Inc. and Internship certificate.

Sigmos signed on 10/05/2018

Internships are provided to students in advanced electrical system design. This would enable the students to gain knowledge in handling complex and heavy loads.