Funded Projects

Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Duration Status Funding Agency Grant Sanctioned Grant Received Publication details
Phishector: Phishing Detection using Deep Learning Ms. Sangeetha Jamal 6 months Sanctioned KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 NIL  
Automatic voice synthesis for speech impaired Ms. Anjusree V.K 6 months Sanctioned KSCSTE Rs 8, 000 NIL  
Retinal Fundus Image Generation Using Deep learning Ms. Meharban M S 6 months Sanctioned KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 NIL  
Early Flood Prediction and Detection Using IoT and AI(Student project) Dr. Jisha G 6 months Sanctioned KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 NIL  
Smart Tic-Tac-Toe Board Mr. Ajith S (Co-PI) 2018-19 (1 Year) Completed KTU-CERD Rs. 11,500 NIL  
Study on effect of community structures in cancer protein identification using topological properties of protein-protein interaction networks Dr. Sminu Izudheen 2017-18 (3 years) Completed KTU- SEED Rs. 100,000 Rs. 60,000 1. Effect of community structures in protein–protein interaction network in cancer protein identification. Current Science, Published by Indian Academy of Sciences, SCI Indexed.
Criminal Policing System Dr.Dhanya P M 2018-19 (3 years) Completed KTU-CERD Rs. 30,000 Rs. 15,000 P.M. Dhanya, P.B. Ramkumar, Cletus Nirmaljith, Joy Paul, "Fuzzy Hypergraph Modeling, Analysis and Prediction of Crimes", IJCDS, Vol. 11, Issue 1, Jan 2022.(SCOPUS)
Medical Image Synthesis using Deep Learning Ms. Meharban M S 2018-19 (3 years) Ongoing KTU- CERD Rs. 50,000 Rs. 40,000 1. Generative Adversarial Networks: A review, Proceedings of National Conference on Technology and Mankind-November 2018.
2. Image Synthesis: A review, IEEE Xplore - March 2019.                                           
Criminal Facial Composite Synthesis using Deep Learning for Criminal Identification and Tracking Ms. Meharban M S 2019-20 (6 months) Ongoing KSCSTE Rs. 10,000 NIL 1. A Review on Text to face image synthesis, Proceedings of Materials Today, SCOPUS Indexed- April 2020
An Interactive, Dynamic and Scalable Ocean Visualization Tool Dr. Preetha K G, Dr. Saritha S (Co-PI)
2020-21 (3 years) Ongoing NRB, DRDO Rs. 33,78,032 NIL