Funded Projects

Sanctioned Year Name of the Project Name of the PI/Co-PI Duration Funding Agency Grant Sanctioned Status
2023 Design and Development of a Customized Breath Stimulator Tailored for Respiratory Conditions Dr. Sminu Izudheen(CoPI) 1 year RSET SEED Money 2023 Rs. 40,000/- Ongoing
2022 Enriching Transformers for image captioning using Fourier Transforms Ms. Seema Safar 1 year KTU-CERD Rs 30,000/- Ongoing
2021 Phishector: Phishing Detection using Deep Learning Ms. Sangeetha Jamal 6 months KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 Completed
2021 Automatic voice synthesis for speech impaired Ms. Anjusree V.K 6 months KSCSTE Rs 8, 000 Completed
2021 Retinal Fundus Image Generation Using Deep learning Ms. Meharban M S 6 months KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 Completed
2021 Early Flood Prediction and Detection Using IoT and AI Dr. Jisha G 6 months KSCSTE Rs 10, 000 Completed
2021 An Interactive, Dynamic and Scalable Ocean Visualization Tool Dr. Preetha K G, Dr. Saritha S 3 years NRB, DRDO Rs. 33,78,032 Ongoing
2019 Criminal Facial Composite Synthesis using Deep Learning for Criminal Identification and Tracking Ms. Meharban M S 6 months KSCSTE Rs. 10,000 Completed
2018 Smart Tic-Tac-Toe Board Mr. Ajith S 1 Year KTU-CERD Rs. 11,500 Completed
2018 Criminal Policing System Dr.Dhanya P M 3 years KTU-CERD Rs. 30,000 Completed
2018 Medical Image Synthesis using Deep Learning Ms. Meharban M S 3 years KTU- CERD Rs. 50,000 Completed
2017 Study on effect of community structures in cancer protein identification using topological properties of protein-protein interaction networks Dr. Sminu Izudheen 3 years KTU- SEED Rs. 100,000 Completed