Research @ RSET

RASET Research Centre was established in 2003 with the aim of promoting research in the fields of Engineering and Science in the institution. Dr. K. Babu Joseph, (former Vice Chancellor of the Cochin University of Science and Technology and the first Principal of RSET), headed the Research Centre as Dean during the period 2003-2009 and a Research Committee with senior Professors as members was constituted. Research areas such as Topology, Fuzzy Mathematics, Image Compression, etc were identified and certain research activities were initiated on the basis of professional research interests and a few research papers were published.

In the year 2007-08, a new research approach was adopted carefully integrating the undergraduate academic programs with the research interests of the faculty. Accordingly a new entity, Rajagiri Research and Consultancy Center (RRCC) was founded. RRCC conceives RSET as a community of research groups, the entire faculty and students being part of them. Currently there exist RRCC inner-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research groups engaged in research in diverse engineering areas. Major efforts are implemented by way of student projects and consultancy to industry. Currently Dr. (Fr.) Varghese Panthalookaran is the coordinator of RRCC.

RSET has become accepted Place of Research under APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and Ph.D programmes under KTU are being offered in Chemistry,Civil Engineering,Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering ,Physics .

RSET Research Seed Money Scheme