The constitution of the Academic Council:

Ref – 1. Lr.No.22-1/2017(AC) dated 15.07.2020 from UGC
2. UGC Regulations for Autonomous Colleges -2018
3.Resolution of GB on item No.04, in the first meeting dated 01.12.2020
The University Grants Commission vide ref 1, has conferred autonomous status to Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology for a period of ten (10) years from the academic session 2020-21 to 2029-30.
As per clause 3.8 of UGC regulations for autonomous colleges 2018 (ref 2) autonomous colleges must constitute their own Academic Council.
The Academic Council will be responsible for the proper maintenance of Instruction, Education, Training, Research and Examinations of RSET.
The Governing Body of RSET vide resolution under ref. 3, has resolved to constitute the Academic Council.
Accordingly, the Academic council Members (2023-2026) for Rajagiri School of Engineering &Technology (Autonomous) is hereby constituted with the following members.

SL.No. Name & Details Category Designation
1 Rev. Dr. Jaison Paul Mulerickal CMI, Principal, RSET Principal Chairman
2 Dr. Vinod Kumar P.B, Professor & Dean (P G) and Controller of Eaminations, RSET Senior Faculty member Member
3 Rev.Dr. Joel George Pullolil CMI, Asst: Director & Dean (U G) RSET Senior Faculty member Member
4 Dr. K.Paulose Jacob ,Dean Research     RSET, Senior Faculty member Member
5 Dr. Joby Joseph University  Nominee Member
6 Dr. Sumitha Mathew University  Nominee Member
7 Dr. V Lijo University  Nominee Member
8 Dr.John Jose, Associate Professor, IIT Guwahati Academician from outside Member
9 Rev. Dr. Joseph Mathew CMI  Faculty member Member
10 Rev. Fr. Thomas P J  CMI  Faculty member Member
11 Rev. Fr. Mejo Paul CMI  Faculty member Member
12 Mr. Rajeev Mullakkara Azhuvath, Enterprise Architect, TCS, Kochi Expert from outside Member
13 Dr. Binoy Alias  M  (H O D, Dept: of Civil Engineering) HoD Member
14 Dr. Mathew Joseph  (H O D, Dept:of   Mechanical Engineering) HoD Member
15 Dr. Rinu Alice Koshy (H O D, Dept:of Electrical &  Electronics Engineering) HoD Member
16 Dr. Jisa David (H O D, Dept:of Electronics & Communication Engineering) HoD Member
17 Dr. Preetha K G  (H O D, Dept:of Computer Science & Engineering) HoD Member
18 Dr. Neeba E A, (H O D, Dept:of  Information Technology) HoD Member
19 Dr. Hari C V, (H O D, Dept: of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation) HoD Member
20 Dr. Sherly K K  (H O D, Dept: of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) HoD Member
21 Dr. Binu R (H O D, Dept. of Mathematics) HoD Member
22 Dr. Anju C , H O D, Dept:of  Basic Sciences & Humanities HoD Member
23 Dr. Manoj G Tharian (IQAC - Co ordinator) Faculty Member nominated by Principal Member-secretary

The tenure of the Academic Council shall be three years from the date of this notification,

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