Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Department of

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Year of establishment: 2001
Faculty Strength: 8 PhD holders and 14 Masters Degree holders

One among the first departments to be established in RSET, the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities is an integral part of the institution. It includes the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics, and Physical Education. Student Welfare as well falls under the purview of this department. In the undergraduate level engineering programmes, the department offers courses in Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry in the first year; English courses from first to fourth semesters; Business Economics and Life Skills in the third & fourth semesters; and Management courses in the fifth and sixth semesters. Elective course in Professional Ethics also is offered.
As an important auxiliary department of the institution, with a dedicated workforce of twenty two faculty members, most of whom are actively involved in research projects and programmes; the DBSH is also responsible for monitoring the first year of the B.Tech programme.

The department vision is to evolve into a center of excellence in sciences and humanities that will blend innovative practices in professional teaching with research in frontier areas in a mutually enriching manner, with the holistic development of the students as its prime focus.

The department mission is to provide the students with an excellent background in the fundamentals of sciences and humanities, to facilitate a comprehensive development of their technical and professional competencies, to foster scientific temper and a culture of lifelong learning, to produce high quality research, and to render socially relevant extension services

The department objectives, which are derived from the vision and the mission statements, are as follows:

  • To continually improve the teaching – learning processes, by keeping abreast of latest trends in pedagogy and the individual disciplines
  • To promote innovation, creativity and critical thinking across the disciplines, and increase participation in research and extension
  • To empower the staff and the students to realize their full potential

The department is committed to maintaining quality in teaching, research and extension, hence, it will monitor its functioning in these spheres through self-assessment strategies and stakeholder feedback, and engage in a process of continuous improvement.


The objective of the course is to help the students capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between physics and engineering, which plays a primary role in all branches of engineering and in essence is applied physics.
The objective of the course is to impart a scientific approach and to familiarize the applications of chemistry in the field of technology and to create awareness about the major environmental issues for a sustainable development.
The objective of the course is to equip the students in relating their engineering ideas to market trends, to provide knowledge in identifying a proper market area where they can implement their own start-up ideas and to motivate the students in relating engineering knowledge to managerial economics.
The objective of the course is to enable the students to critically evaluate the current market ideologies in today’s market economy combined by cultivating a good management expertise and thereby accepting the challenging business environment with their innovative ideas in engineering. The theoretical knowledge in management also provides the student to blend the Engineering science with management science.
The objective of the courses is to provide a positive support system to hone the soft skills of the students, and to provide a favorable environment which will motivate the students to achieve their fullest possible potential for self-development in various aspects of language and communication skills for success in their professional and social life. 
Physical Education
The discipline of Physical Education has as its objective, promotion of physical fitness and sports among students and to ensure participation of students at major sports and athletic meets at various levels.
Student Welfare
The objective of the student welfare office is to cater to the mental health needs of the students by providing psycho education about common mental health problems among students and by providing timely counseling and follow up to students with mental health issues.

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