Condonation of Shortage of Attendance

Candidate can seek condonation of shortage of attendance only once in a 2 year course and twice in other courses of longer duration. Following are the rules regarding attendance requirement:-

  1. Every candidate is to secure 75% attendance of the total duration of the course.
  2. A candidate having a shortage of 10% can apply for condonation of shortage in prescribed form on genuine medical grounds. Condonation of shortage of attendance if any should  be obtained  at least  10 days before the  commencement  of the concerned semester examination..
  3.  It shall be the discretion of the Principal to consider such applications and condone the shortage on the merit of each case in consultation with the concerned course teacher and HoD. .
  4. Unless the shortage of attendance is condoned, a candidate is not eligible to appear for  the examination..

Promotion to the Next Higher Semester

  1. His/ her progresses of study and conduct have been satisfactory during the semester completed, as per the assessments recorded by the course teacher and the Head of concerned Department.
  2. He/Sheshall have the required credits as given in below:
For UG (B.Tech.):
  1. To register for the courses in 5th semester,  students shall have earned 60% of the total credits of 1st  and 2nd  semesters.
  2. To register for the courses in 7th semester, students shall have earned 60% of the total credits of 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th semesters.
For PG (M.Tech.)
  1. To register for the courses in nth semster, students shall have earned 60% of the credits in the (n-1)th semester, n = 2, 3,4.


  1. Degree certificates are issued by the  A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University as per the act and statues of the University on the submission of the consolidated mark / score cards of the students by the College.
  2. A consolidated mark / scored card shall be issued to the students after the publication of the results of the final semester examination taken by the candidate.
  3. A Course Completion Certificate with classification shall be issued to students by the college till the provisional certificate is issued by the university.