The Controller of Examinations shall prepare the examination calendar for every academic year/ semester, well in advance, and shall publish the same in the College website. The information regarding the same shall be passed to Heads of all Departments.

All examinations of the year / semester shall be conducted as per the examination calendar. No separate notification shall be issued.

All pre-examination process (exam registration,fee payment, hall ticket generation) and the announcement of results shall be carried out through Rajagiri Examination Automation System (REXA).

Issue of Time Table of the Examinations

The Controller of Examinations (CE) shall issue the time table of various examinations in every semester, one month before the commencement of the End Semester Examinations.

Registration to the Examination

  • All students admitted in a programme (UG & PG) with remittance of prescribed fee are eligible for the forthcoming semester examinations.

  • Online registration to the various End Semester Examinations through the Examination Portal (REXA)shall be  forwarded to the CE along with prescribed fee for each course in prescribed format.
  • The eligible candidates who secure the prescribed minimum attendance of the total duration  of  the  course  and  possess  other minimum  qualification  prescribed  in  the regulations for each course shall be issued the hall tickets.  The electronically generated hall tickets shall be downloaded from the students portal of REXA.
  • The mode of fee remittance shall be through online.

Verification of Application

    The applications shall be verified for the following:-
  • a). Correctness of the eligible courses selected
    The courses selected by the student for exam registration is to be verified by the Class teacher/HoD.

  • b). Remittance of Prescribed Fee
    To generate hall ticket for the ESE it is mandatory to pay the  Examination fee on time.

  • c). Certificates of Qualifying Examinations

No candidate shall be given admittance in the examination unless he/she possesses the qualification prescribed by the regulation relating to the course and admission rules. Application of the candidate who is not qualified as mentioned above shall be rejected and the matter may be communicated to the Principal and the candidate. In the case of candidates who apply for registration for the first semester examination,  the  certificates  of  the  qualifying  examination passed by the candidates should be verified to ensure that:-

  1. The qualifying examinations passed by the candidates are included in the category of minimum qualification prescribed for admission to the course of study undergone by the students.
  2. The qualifying examinations passed by the candidates from Universities other than the A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University have to be recognized by the A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University as equivalent to the corresponding examinations of this University. If the equivalence is listed by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) in the list of eligible courses, further approval is not required. Recognition of qualifying examination is to be obtained by each candidate in respect of the qualifying examination passed by the candidate.
  3. The name entered by the candidate in the application should be the same as the name entered  in the qualifying certificate and 10th standard certificate.

  4. In cases where minimum marks are prescribed for admission to a particular course, the mark list of the qualifying examination shall be verified to ascertain eligibility of the candidates for admission to the course of study.
  5. The list of eligible candidates shall be prepared subject-wise and in alphabetical order.
  6. In case of failure in submitting relevant certificates in time, such candidates shall  be  provisionally  admitted  by  issuing  a  provisional  hall  ticket  and  the candidate concerned shall be directed to rectify the defects in stipulated time. Otherwise his /her examination will be cancelled.

  7. The verification process mentioned above shall be completed by the College Office within 5 days after the deadline for the Examination registration.

Preparation of Nominal Roll

Once the Principal approves the list of students verified by the college office, a nominal roll showing the name of examination, month and year of examination, name and register number allotted shall be prepared/generated  for each examination by the Examination software. The names and register numbers shall be given under separate categories such as regular/ supplementary/old scheme etc. on the last page of the roll, details such as total number of candidates registered, number of regular students, number of supplementary / improvement candidates may be given for easy reference whenever required.

Preparation of Hall Tickets

The  hall  ticket of the  eligible candidates shall be generated in  the  CE’s office with name, register number and recent photograph of the  candidate. The  hall  ticket shall contain the  details of the courses with codes  and  titles for the  concerned semesters. The  hall  tickets uploaded in  College  portal shall be downloaded by the candidate from their portal. The  register number shall be the  number allotted to a candidate as  noted on his/her admission card.

Preparation of Answer Books

Every Answer book shall contain 32 pages or 24 pages in which there will be 30 or 22 writing pages.

Instructions to students appearing for the Final Examinations

  1. Every student shall register for the final examination of the relevant semester in which he/she is studying through the student’s portal for obtaining promotion to the next semester.
  2. Every  student  who  is  eligible  to  write  the  examination  should  submit  his/  her  application through the portal as stipulated by the College.
  3. Students should bring their hall tickets and identity cards on all days of the examination failing which they will not be admitted to the examination hall.
  4. Students should enter the examination room at least 15 minutes before the  commencement  of  examination  and  shall  not  leave  the  room  during  the  last  ten minutes. In exceptional cases, the Principal can permit relaxation up to a maximum of 30 minutes for candidates to enter the examination hall.
  5. Students are permitted to use only blue or black ink pens for writing examinations
  6. No materials except, writing materials and hall ticket are allowed in the examination room. Mobile phones, programmable calculators and other electronic equipment are strictly prohibited in the examination room. Logarithm tables, calculators and other drawing equipment may be allowed only if they are required (and not provided by the college) for answering questions and the question paper contains a note to this effect, with the permission of the invigilator.
  7. Instances  of  malpractice  such  as  copying  using  manuscripts,  copying  from  other candidates, smuggling of answer books, indecent behavior in the examination room, use of unfair means etc. are liable to be punished as per rules.
  8. Students should  write  Question paper code, course code, course name etc.. in appropriate places in the answer books. Instructions given in the answer books and question paper should be strictly followed.
  9. They should not write anything in the question paper other than  their names and register
  10. Strict  silence  should  be  maintained  in  the  examination  room.  Students are  not allowed to get clarifications from other students. In case of any doubt, they can seek the help of the invigilator.
  11. They should return all answer books before leaving the room. Students are not  permitted to leave the examinations room without the permission of the invigilator during the course of examination.
  12. Students are forbidden to ask questions of any kind during the  examination to  other students. Invigilators are instructed to refuse to answer any inquiries what so ever, relating the question papers whether an explanation of the meaning or the correction of typographical errors.
  13. Students shall take their places in the examination hall at the time of first bell. Students presenting themselves more than fifteen minutes after the commencement of the examination should not be admitted for the examination of that day.
  14. Students are not allowed to leave the hall before the expiry of one hour from the commencement of the examination..
  15. No students shall be allowed to leave the examination hall till the expiry of one  hour  after a question paper has been given out and no student who leaves the room during the period allotted for the paper shall be allowed to return within that period.
  16. Students who leave the examination hall more than half an hour earlier than the scheduled time for the close of the examination should surrender their question papers with their names and register numbers written on them to the Invigilator and the candidate(s) may collect them back after the examination, if they so desire.
  17. Students who leave the hall refusing to surrender the question papers, as stated above shall not be allowed to take examinations on subsequent days and the matter may be reported to the Controller of Examinations.
  18. Students are permitted to leave the examination hall only after his/her answer  book is taken charge of by the invigilator on duty in the hall. They should not be permitted to leave the hall after keeping their answer books in their seats.

Exclusion of Candidates  on Account of Disease

Any candidate shall be excluded by the Principal from an examination, on being  satisfied   that   he/she   is   suffering   from   any   infectious   or   contagious disease. Such cases shall immediately be informed to the Controller of Examinations.

Use of Scribes

The Controller of Examinations has the power to allow scribes for blind candidates and a small category among disabled candidates whose disability incapacitates the student from writing based on the recommendations of a Govt. Medical Officer not below the rank of a civil surgeon and the Principal. Such students shall be seated in a separate room. The maximum number of students belonging to the above categories allowable into an examination hall shall not exceed five. An invigilator shall be allotted to supervise them (Ratio 1:5).
Appointment of scribes
In case of students who are eligible to avail of the services of scribes, the Principal to appoint scribes according to the following conditions.

  • The scribe shall not be an employee of the college/centre where the examination is conducted.
  • The scribe shall not be a relative of the student who is appearing for the examination.
  • The educational qualifications of the scribe shall be less than those of the student.
  • A pro forma with declaration in the prescribed format shall be submitted to CE through the Principal.

 Exclusion  of Candidates for Misbehaviour

Candidates taking an examination shall be under the disciplinary control of the Chief Superintendent,  and  shall  obey  his/her  instructions.  In  the  event  of  a  candidate disobeying instructions of the Chief Superintendent/Additional Chief Superintendent/Invigilator or behaving insolently towards the Chief Superintendent/ Additional Chief superintendent / Invigilator, without prejudice to any other action that may  be  taken  against  him/her,  the  candidate  may  be  excluded  from  the  day's examination and if he/she persists in his/her misbehaviour he/she may be excluded from the rest of the examinations by the Chief Superintendent. In all such cases the matter shall be reported to the CE. The CE in consultation with the Principal, after affording an opportunity to present his/her case may according to the gravity of the offence, ratify the action taken by the Chief Superintendent or further punish the candidate by cancelling the examination taken by him either in whole or in part or debarring him from  appearing  for  any  examination  in  the  College  for  a  specified  period  or permanently. The matter may be intimated to the Controller of Examinations for further action.

Debarring  Candidates  and Quashing  Results

If at any time after the publication of results, it is found that a candidate was not eligible for taking the examination, as per the regulation/norms/orders issued by the College relating to the course concerned or that he/she has secured admission to the course or the examination, on production of false information in the application form or that he/she has used unfair means at an examination, the Principal shall have power to quash the results of the examination, taken by the candidate, and cancel the registration and / or debar him/her from appearing for any examination of the College permanently or for a specified period considering the gravity of the offence committed by the candidate, pending an enquiry into the same. In all such cases, before taking  final  decision  by  the  Principal  the  candidate  shall  be  given  an opportunity to present his/her case.

Punishment for Malpractice

If the Principal is satisfied after an enquiry that there have been malpractices in the examinations, after providing an opportunity to present his/her case, may punish such person in such manner as it may deem fit.