Rajagiri Tenders/Quotations

Sl No. Date Item Details
36 30-August-2017 Internet Connection View Details
35 30-August-2017 MicroSoft Campus Agreement View Details
34 08-August-2017 Procurement of FPGA Board & Vivado tool suite View Details
33 19-July-2017 Procurement of Books View Details
32 7-July-2017 Hardware and accessories to various labs. View Details
31 14-October-2016 Hardware and accessories to Information Technology lab. View Details
30 30-August-2016 Microsoft Campus Agreement Products View Details
29 30-August-2016 Quotation For Internet View Details
28 23-August-2016 Procurement of Books View Details
27 16-June-2016 Computer and accessories View Details
26 30-April-2016 Computer Applications Lab View Details
25 14-December-2015 Supply of Books View Details
24 22-June-2015 Supply of Books View Details
23 1-October-2014 Notice inviting quotation for Personal Computers, Server etc View Details
22 30-September-2014 Mechanical System Lab Equipments View Details
21 30-September-2014 Supply of Books View Details
20 18-December-2013 Supply of software/equipments for lab modernization(DCS, PLC, SCADA etc..) View Details
19 14-December-2013 Advanced Machine Tool Lab View Details
18 08-Nov-2013 Supply of Books View Details
17 10-OCT-2013 Supply of software/equipments for lab modernisation under MODROB. View Details
16 10-SEP-2013 Quotation enquiry for Server Virtualization and Data Storage Solution. View Details
15 16-AUG-2013 Quotation enquiry for Workstations, PCs etc. View Details
14 11-July-2013 Quotation enquiry for Mechanical Lab equipments View Details
13 23-02-2013 Notice inviting quotation for 12mbps Internet Connection View Details
12 03-1-2013 Notice inviting Disposal of Items View Details
11 15-12-2012 Notice inviting quotation for MicroSoft Products under Campus Agreement View Details
10 10-12-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Library Books View Details
9 26-11-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Machine Tool Lab View Details
8 05-06-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Server, Workstations and Desktops View Details
7 17-04-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Network Engineering Lab Equipments View Details
5 02-02-2012 Generator sale View Details
4 28-11-2011 Library books procurement View Details
3 23-11-2011 NETWORKING - UTM & L3 Switch View Details
2 22-11-2011 Material For Industrial Drive Lab View Details
1 25-10-2011 Generator View Details