Rajagiri Tenders/Quotations

Competitive quotations are invited for providing the following services to our Institute. Items should be configured, installed and commissioned in our premises. Quotation along with catalogues, specifications should reach the undersigned. The cost of software, warranty period, taxes and other charges if any must also be mentioned clearly in the quotation. The quotations must be addressed to: The Principal, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Rajagiri Valley P.O., Kakkanad, Kochi- 682039 and delivered to the same address or emailed to: office@rajagiritech.edu.in.

Sl No. Date Item Details
62 03-May-2024 Quotation invited for Servers View Details
61 24-February-2024 Internet Service View Details
60 21-September-2023 Quotation invited for Desktops, Workstation & Biometric Attendance reader View Details
59 09-August-2023 Quotation invited for Desktops, Headsets & Workstation in to computer labs View Details
58 24-March-2023 Internet Service View Details
57 15-October-2022 Quotation invited for Desktops & Workstations in to computer labs View Details
56 15-March-2022 Quotation invited for Desktops & Networking in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science lab View Details
55 3-Decemer-2021 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of books View Details
55 25-Novemer-2021 Computer Hardware & Accessories View Details
54 22-Novemer-2021 Internet View Details
53 01-October-2021 Server View Details
52 21-June-2021 Workstation View Details
51 17-December-2020 Server, Storage, Printer, etc. View Details
50 1-December-2020 Bosch Fundus Camera View Details
49 16-November-2020 Computer Hardware & Accessories for DST Project View Details
48 07-September-2020 Campus Agreement View Details
47 07-September-2020 Internet Connection View Details
46 05-May-2020 Computer Hardware & Accessories View Details
45 18-December-2019 High speed digital printer Quantity :- 1
Specification :- Black & White high speed digital, RADF, Auto duplex and Network printer, 1Yr Onsite warranty.
Last date: 31-12-2019
44 18-December-2019 Server Quantity :- 1
Specification :- Intel� Xeon� Silver 4110 dual Procesor or higher, 64GB DDR4 Ram, 10 TB RAID 5 + 2GB Cache, 3Yrs Onsite warranty
Last date: 31-12-2019
43 09-October-2019 Solid State LIDAR Quantity :- 1
Specification :- CE30-A Solid State LIDAR wide FOV Obstacle Avoidance Version.
42 21-August-2019 Campus Agreement View Details
41 21-August-2019 Internet Connection View Details
40 12-September-2018 Electronics Equipments View Details
39 21-August-2018 Internet Connection View Details
38 21-August-2018 MicroSoft Campus Agreement View Details
37 20-June-2018 Hardware and accessories to various labs View Details
36 30-August-2017 Internet Connection View Details
35 30-August-2017 MicroSoft Campus Agreement View Details
34 08-August-2017 Procurement of FPGA Board & Vivado tool suite View Details
33 19-July-2017 Procurement of Books View Details
32 7-July-2017 Hardware and accessories to various labs. View Details
31 14-October-2016 Hardware and accessories to Information Technology lab. View Details
30 30-August-2016 Microsoft Campus Agreement Products View Details
29 30-August-2016 Quotation For Internet View Details
28 23-August-2016 Procurement of Books View Details
27 16-June-2016 Computer and accessories View Details
26 30-April-2016 Computer Applications Lab View Details
25 14-December-2015 Supply of Books View Details
24 22-June-2015 Supply of Books View Details
23 1-October-2014 Notice inviting quotation for Personal Computers, Server etc View Details
22 30-September-2014 Mechanical System Lab Equipments View Details
21 30-September-2014 Supply of Books View Details
20 18-December-2013 Supply of software/equipments for lab modernization(DCS, PLC, SCADA etc..) View Details
19 14-December-2013 Advanced Machine Tool Lab View Details
18 08-Nov-2013 Supply of Books View Details
17 10-OCT-2013 Supply of software/equipments for lab modernisation under MODROB. View Details
16 10-SEP-2013 Quotation enquiry for Server Virtualization and Data Storage Solution. View Details
15 16-AUG-2013 Quotation enquiry for Workstations, PCs etc. View Details
14 11-July-2013 Quotation enquiry for Mechanical Lab equipments View Details
13 23-02-2013 Notice inviting quotation for 12mbps Internet Connection View Details
12 03-1-2013 Notice inviting Disposal of Items View Details
11 15-12-2012 Notice inviting quotation for MicroSoft Products under Campus Agreement View Details
10 10-12-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Library Books View Details
9 26-11-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Machine Tool Lab View Details
8 05-06-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Server, Workstations and Desktops View Details
7 17-04-2012 Notice inviting quotation for Network Engineering Lab Equipments View Details
5 02-02-2012 Generator sale View Details
4 28-11-2011 Library books procurement View Details
3 23-11-2011 NETWORKING - UTM & L3 Switch View Details
2 22-11-2011 Material For Industrial Drive Lab View Details
1 25-10-2011 Generator View Details