Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PL/N/6253                                                Date : 03/17/2022


Startup Awareness and Leadership Training (SALT)


RSET IEDC in association with Bhavans Adarsha Vidyalaya is conducting a two-day training programme “ Startup Awareness and Leadership Training (SALT)” on 17th and 18th March 2022 at Bhavans Adarsha Vidyalaya, Kakkanad.


SALT is a flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission specifically designed for students of 9th & 11th standards to create awareness about entrepreneurship opportunities among school students and to inculcate a scientific spirit among young minds. This program aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students in educational institutions in the State of Kerala.


The sessions of SALT are envisaged to cover the basics of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation, Communication, and will be handled by the students of RSET. The following students will be the resource persons for the two-day programme:


1. Aashna Saju (S8 CSE A)

2. Achuth Ram M (S8 ME A)

3. Ajay Raj K P (S8 CSE A)

4. Ajith Arun (S8 CSE A)

5. Akash R Ashok (S8 CSE A)

6. Aleesha Eleen Sajan (S8 ECE A)

7. Athulya Mini (S8 CSE A)

8. Chris Varughese George (S8 ECE B)

9. Devika koonath Boban (S8 ECE B)

10. Jisha Jibichan (S8 ECE B)

11. Richard Joseph (S8 ECE C)

12. Sandra Josey(S8 ECE C)

13. Sonia George (S8 IT)




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