Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PL/N/6207                                                Date : 02/17/2022



RSET IEDC is organizing a series of events during February and March as part of EVOLVE 2022 to bring out the best talents from our college. Events come under different sectors namely Technical, Entrepreneurship & Marketing, Fintech, Creative and Soft skills.



  1. Web Space: Introduction to Website Design
  2. La Casa: Workshop on creating a plan and 2D image of a house
  3. Impulse: Gear up with RFID


  1. Financevo: Session to discuss key aspects of Budget 2022 and digital currencies
  2. Finovate:  Ideathon for people to address pressing issues and/or challenges.
  3. The Complete NFT: Three-day workshop where students will be exposed to various types of digital art, create and list it on NFT platforms.
  4. Encrypto: Session on basics of cryptocurrency, discussing the current scenario of business, finance, and economic opportunities involved.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing:

  1. MarketEase:  Webinar on marketing technical details and a networking session +Activity on reverse marketing
  2. Re'Define:  Competition primarily focuses on the problem-solving skills of the participants.
  3. SetSail: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Startups
  4. RED Tales: Talk show featuring prominent women entrepreneurs of India

Creative and Soft Skills:

  1. Call The Shorts: Decision Making and Unhappy/Angry Customer Handling
  2. Design It: Logo designing workshop and contest
  3. ENTWURF: Video editing workshop and contest



Sl No. Date Previous Notices
761 15-Mar-2022 The Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Priestly Ordination of our beloved Director, Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath CMI
762 15-Mar-2022 Winners of Mathematics Club Day Celebrations 2022(held on 14th March 2022)
763 14-Mar-2022 Registration to B.TECH S3 (2019 Scheme) Supplementary Exam December 2021
764 11-Mar-2022 Students are Directed to Bring the Hall Ticket Downloaded from the KTU Portal
765 10-Mar-2022 Final Internal Examination for 101908/CO922T-ME: MECHANICAL WORKSHOP
766 10-Mar-2022 Registration to B.Tech S5 (2019 Admn) Minor Degree Exam - December 2021
767 10-Mar-2022 Registration to B.Tech S5 Honours (2019 Admn) Degree Exam December 2021
768 10-Mar-2022 Department of Civil Engineering - ASCE-Student Chapter (under probation)– Social Activity- Alumni Meet 2022ET 2022
769 8-Mar-2022 Women's Day Celebrations
770 8-Mar-2022 RSET IEDC - Innovators’ Premier League (IPL) 2021 - State Champions
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