Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET                                                Date : 11/18/2021


Innovators' Premier League (IPL)


RSET IEDC is organising a series of events during November and December as part of Innovators' Premier League (IPL). Kerala Startup Mission has launched this flagship event  - Innovation Premier League (IPL) - to bring out the best talents from the Kerala Innovation Hubs.




1. How to series: Talk By Mr Bodhish Thomas on Introduction to Github

2. How to series in collaboration with Hack Club : Talk by Mr Anand Narayanan on how to map the universe on 3D

3. How to series: Talk on Intellectual Property Rights

4. Design Hackathon in collaboration with ASME

5. SDG Hackathon: A hackathon based on SDG goals

6. Finance bootcamp : Aiming on basics of personal finance, stock trading and crypto.

7. iTalk Series: Webinar on providing insights on various entrepreneurship opportunities

8.Decoding Social Entrepreneurship : Collaboration with Millennium fellowship for a  Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

9. Competition: Negotioum Opus. Each round tests the critical and problem-solving skills of the participant in the domain of business and innovation.

10. Keeping It Reel: To prompt the ability to creatively think, write , develop in the field of innovation

11. Idea / product pitch: Mainly focused on the Creativity & Problem-Solving Skills of the participants.

12. Event Planning competition: Mainly focus on the Creativity & Planning Skills of the participants.


Visit RSET IEDC website for more details about the events: https://rsetiedc.in/home


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