Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PL/N/                                                Date : 06/25/2021



Revised Instruction to students

  1. The exams will be conducted online.
  2. The exams will be of 2hr 15 min duration, and maximum marks will be 70.
  3. Students should join using the Google Meet link provided by the respective teachers 15 minutes before the start of the exam.
  4. Students should keep their video on (positioning it so that teacher may clearly see them) and keep their microphones muted during the exam.
  5. All instructions given by the teacher should be strictly adhered to.
  6. The Question Paper will be shared 5 minutes before the start of the exam.
  7. Answers should be written on A4 size sheets.
  8. All sheets should be clearly numbered.
  9. The answer scripts have to be scanned and uploaded in the Google Classroom of the course as per the directions given by the teacher.
  10. Answer scripts should be uploaded within 30 minutes from the end of the exam. Answer scripts received after this time will not be evaluated.
  11. Students shall write their KTU ID registration number on TOP SIDE and affix their SIGNATURE on the BOTTOM SIDE of ALL PAGES
  12. Students are to submit the scanned answer sheets for one examination as a single PDF document with the filename as KTU Registration Number and Course Code in the format (For Eg; if RET17CS023 is the KTU Regn Number and CS402 is the course code; then the file name shall be RET17CS023_ CS402)
  13. Students are directed to ensure that all sheets of the answer script are scanned and uploaded. No explanations/requests in this regard will be entertained later.
  14. A timetable of the exams are already published on 21st June 2021
  15. Students should maintain the hard copy of their answer sheets for 180 days, for verification if needed.



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