Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PL/N/5586                                                Date : 12/29/2020



  1. All hostel inmates must be in possession of Covid – 19 negative certificate procured within 48 hours before hostel entry. They will not be allowed to go home or outside the campus. If they do, they have to test before being let in.
  2. All students have to wear mask and should have individual sanitizer in their rooms.
  3. They have to bring a reasonable number of masks preferably reusable type. Used masks should be discarded only at the specified points.
  4. Only one occupant is permitted in a room.
  5. To ensure social distancing, gathering in any form will not be permitted in the premises.
  6. Accommodation will be provided only one day before the commencement of classes. Once the classes are completed, students have to vacate within 24 hours.
  7. Unwanted movements of inmates are strictly prohibited.
  8. Checking in have to be done between 10 am and 5 pm.
  9. It is preferable to bring and keep your own utensils (steel plate, glass etc.) for the purpose of taking food from the mess.
  10. All inmates have to strictly observe these instructions. Non compliance of these instructions will lead to the immediate expulsion from the hostel.



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