Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:                                                  Date : 09/24/2018


Sunya Labs Trainings

Sunya Labs is conducting students training programme for HPC as well as Fab Lab. Interested students can register for the trainings using the link given. Details of the training programme are given below  :

FABLAB Student Training Programme

Aim: To familiarize and get idea about FabLab Equipments for student projects.

         To provide hands on experience by doing micro projects using FabLab.

Equipment involved in Training : 3-D Printer, Laser Cutter and Engraver, Vinyl Cutter

Training Period : 12 Hours

Limited Seats of 40 participants.

Training Fee: Rs 1250 ( Online Transaction)

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Bonifus P L, Ms. Shubhasree A.V, Department of ECE, RSET.

Registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/EOmanhv7toHNzUhl1 

HPC Student Training Programme

Aim: Hands-on workshop & Training in HPC delivers experience in accessing the Sunya HPC cluster and programming using Pthread, MPI ,OpenMP and CUDA programming. The workshop aims at introducing the possibilities of parallel computing in academic as well as research projects.

Training Period : 12 Hours

Limited Seats of 40 participants.

Training Fee: Rs 1000 ( Online Transaction)

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Asha Raj,  Department of CSE, RSET.

Registration link:  https://goo.gl/forms/86DyqzVX11p77U1z1


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