Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PL/N/4314                                                Date : 06/25/2018


Restrictions on the Use of Mobiles phones in RSET

Use of mobile phones by students has been very rampant in the RSET campus of late. The widespread usage has become a matter of concern, since the mobile phones are often seen being used even inside in the class rooms. It may please be noted that the Govt. of Kerala rule Go (Rf.) No. 1102/05/H.Edu dated 24.06.2005 strictly bans the use of mobile phones in class rooms.

Accordingly, it has been decided to ban the use of mobile phones by all students inside the Main Building, KE block and PG block w.e.f 16 July 2018. The ban is applicable to all areas in these buildings including class rooms, laboratories, corridors, sky walk and lift. Accordingly, no student should be seen with the mobile in the switched on condition in these areas. Students are advised to keep mobile phones in either switched off mode or silent mode in their bags, while they are in the restricted areas as above. However students are allowed to use phone anywhere outside the above restricted areas in the campus.

It is hereby informed for the notice of all students and parents that any violation of the above ruling would lead to confiscation of the mobile phone, which will be given back only at the end of the course at RSET. No appeal from parents or students would be entertained in this regard. It is also informed that any faculty member of RSET from any department is authorized to take hold of the mobile phones, if seen in use in the areas under ban as above.

The above directive is given with the explicit approval of the management.


                                                                      Dr. A Unnikrishnan


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