Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PR/N/3869                                                Date : 10/21/2017


All KTU B.Tech students are directed to check the validity of the certificates (Pass certificate, Mark list, Caste Certificate [SC,ST,OEC students only]) etc, uploaded in the respective KTU portal (https://app.ktu.edu.in/login.jsp), before Monday, 23-Oct-2017.

First year students are directed to login to the KTU E-Governance portal (https://app.ktu.edu.in/login.jsp), using only Mozilla Firefox browser. They should login using their Register number (eg. RET17BBNNN, BB is the branch code, NNN is the ordinal number) as Username, and their Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY format) as Password. They should then verify the correctness of their Name (as in 10th Pass Certificate), photograph, signature, email id, Aadhar no, Pass certificate, Mark list, Caste certificate etc. and inform the KTU office at RSET of any anomalies.

Extra care has to be taken during log in – if the password is entered wrong, the account will get locked and unlocking is a very long process. You are also required to change the password once you login (with alphabet, numerals & special characters). Select a password which you will not forget. The same password is required for further processes like exam registration, generation of semester-wise mark list, course registration, revaluation and all activities of KTU. You are also required to enter the remaining data in the KTU portal like contact details of self and guardians etc. (Your register number is available in your RSMS login.)

For all the above activities, Monday 23-Oct-2017 is the last date and hence, all students are directed to inform KTU office of any anomalies by 23-Oct-2017. No change request will be accepted after the above date.



AEI – AE, ECE – EC, CSE – CS, IT – IT, ME – ME, CE – CE, EEE – EE


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