Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PR/N/3778                                                Date : 08/22/2017


Awareness lecture on Anti Ragging

Mr. Mohitkumar, District Judge,DLSA, Kochi would be addressing  the students of S3 classes  to make them aware of  the menace of ragging and Anti Ragging rules, as per the schedule given below.





Target groups


Chavara  hall 

0330p.m. to 0430 p.m.


S3 students of ECE, CSE and ME


30 Aug, 2017

Gallery hall

0330p.m. to 0430 p.m.


S3 students of AEI, CE, EEE and IT


It may please be noted that all the students have to attend the lecture compulsorily, as per the directives of the AICTE, KTU and the relevant provisions in the anti-ragging rules in force in the country. HoDs are directed to ensure that all the students are present and that the class teachers are present at the venue, considering the statutory nature of the event. Other activities on the same duration on 29 August and 30 August, 2017 may be scheduled accordingly.


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