Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PR/N/7624                                                Date : 01/08/2024




Organized by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities



This Year (2023-2024), the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities is organizing the Wall Magazine Competition in two modes for the First Year Students:


Regular Mode & Digital Mode


Each class has to form an editorial team who will be managing the wall magazine activity of their class. All the fourteen classes will be competing with each other showcasing their intellect and artistic talents. The Editorial Team of each class will consist of five members which includes, 1 Editorial Head, 3 Sub Editors and 1 Team Coordinator. Interested students can register their names using the link below. A student can register only for one of the below mentioned competitions. 

  1. Regular Mode: Students can present their theme using recycled materials which will be displayed in the 6*4 pin board (III Floor, Main Block)


The link for registration for Wall Magazine Competition: https://forms.gle/ozf1JieQsqTbEBr69 


  1. Digital Mode: Students can present their theme digitally in Full HD 1920x1080 [Horizontal]   

   which will be displayed in the Display Panel in the Main Block & KE Block. 


The link for registration for Digital wall Magazine Competition: https://forms.gle/jpUxorXxJhe4G6TeA 


Prize: The winners of the competition will receive a Trophy, Certificates and Cash Prize (First three positions). The other participants will receive e certificates for participation. All students who participate in the wall magazine competition will receive activity points. 

Scan the QR code here to view previous Wall Magazine displays


*Contact for queries:

DBSH Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Saritha V (9446462736) & Ms. Meera P. S. (9400703782) 




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