RSET Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)

“To be a self-sustained TBI catering to the needs of young student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social relevance and there by introducing a culture of entrepreneurship inside campus which will strengthen our education system and there by promoting the national economical and social growth”
“To develop an ecosystem with required infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their potential ideas with  industrial standards and  support from Government, industry and reputed  academic institutions around the world and help them to realize their potentials”
Objectives of RSET IEDC

  1. To design and develop innovative products of social relevance.
  2. To create entrepreneurial culture among faculty members, students   and Alumni.
  3. Support other institutions around RSET to mold and effectively carry out entrepreneurial activities in their campus.
  4. Focus more on innovation driven entrepreneurship from student projects.
  5. Encourage more women entrepreneurs.
  6. To promote start-up initiatives from Faculty and Students.
  7. Mold students to complete their engineering studies with all entrepreneurial skill sets that are required for becoming successful personalities in their life.

Short term Goals

  1. To help student groups to prototype their ideas.
  2. To improve innovation, creative and design thinking among student community.
  3. Incubation facility for faculty driven start-up and student/Alumni start-up.
  4. Organize FDP, SDP, seminars and workshops, distinguish talks for students,   Faculty and Alumni and promote entrepreneurial culture.
  5. Strengthen institute industry interaction cell activity and effectively use the outcomes for achieving the mission.


Long Term Goals

  1. Associate with DST, EDII,DIC, MSME, and other foreign academic institutions for transferring world class facility for RSET IEDC activities.
  2. Help at least 10 student groups to begin a start-up within college incubation facility.
  3. Improve quality of research work among students and to attain patent which can be commercially used in production.
  4. Provide a platform for students to develop innovative products with global recognition and generate business opportunities.
  5. Generate revenues through consultancy work and student start-ups.
  6. Spread awareness to students and faculty regarding IPR related activities.

How We Work:

RSET ED Club started its activities actively from 2004, and changed to RSET IEDC from 2015 onwards. RSET IEDC is funded by KSUM, out of which Rs.2 Lakhs  is utilized for student and staff IEDC activities. RSET Management has given us funds of Rs.5 lakh, which is used for establishing IEDC room and its infra-structure.
Our aim is to improve Innovation, Creative thinking skills of students and thereby develop good social relevant projects and to prototype them and help them to find funding/incubation from Govt./Private sources to start a Start-up or help them be good innovators. Our mode of operation is to plan, train and monitor the IEDC activities of  students in their department with the help of each faculty mentors which would aid us in achieving our mission.
How we achieve our Dream:

  1. Creative and Design Thinking: Achieved by organizing seminars, workshops and classes headed by IEDC Faculties. Through the learning of Sustainable and Design Engineering Subject.
  2. Innovation and Problem Solving:Achieved by hands-on workshop, do it-learn it methodology and interaction with experts.
  3. Social relevant Projects: Implemented with engineering skill sets.
  4. Prototyping: Achieved by assigning a faculty mentor and expert advices.
  5. Funding: Supported by KSUM, KTU ED Cell, DST, MSME, DIC, TBI etc.
  6. Product Development: Supported by college incubation/Govt./Private organisation.
  7. Startup: Achieved by providing Incubation facility at college, KSCST etc. There should be at least one RSET faculty mentors for each startup.

KTU awards activity points for B.Tech students participating in IEDC, NSS and Sports. A student should gain 100 activity points at the end of 4 years of his/her study. Points that can be gained in IEDC activity are student leadership points, RSET IEDC IOT and Robotic lab activity,  social innovations,  internship in startup, Attended/ participated Exhibitions, project contest ,prototype development, company registration, IPR, Start-up activity.

RSET IEDC Organization:

RSET IEDC EXECOM – 2019 – ‘20

Faculty Co-Ordinator-Mr. Nitheesh Kurian(Nodal Officer, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Following are the elected members of the RSET IEDC student executive committee for the academic year 2021 – ’22.

IEDC Lead (CEO) - Sonia George (S7 IT)
IEDC Co Lead - Richard Joseph (S7 ECE C)
Quality and operations Lead (COO) - Achuth Ram (S7 ME A)
Technology  Lead (CTO)          - Abhijith Das (S5 CSE A)
Creative Lead (CCO) - Akash R Ashok (S7 CSE A)
Community Lead (CSO) - Sandra Josey (S7 ECE C)
Branding and Marketing Lead (CMO) - Swetha Sarachandra Kumar (S5 ECE C)
Finance Lead (CFO) - Chris Varughese George (S7 ECE B)
Webmaster - Ajith Arun (S7 CSE A)
Institution’s Innovation Council Lead Sradha Suresh (S7 CSE C)
Quality and operations Co-Leads Aleesha Eleen Sajan (S7 ECE A), - Eby Sheesh (S5 AEI)
Technical Co-Leads- Muhammad Amaan (S5 CSE C),Joel Michael (S5 ME B)
Creative Co-Leads - Sharon Jolly (S5 CSE C), Anwin Shaji Varghese (S5 AEI), Shifan Sherif Parammel (S3 ME B)
Community Co-Leads- Jisha Jibichan (S7 ECE B),Amal Radhakrishnan (S5 ME A)
Marketing Co-Leads- Amijith M M (S5 CSE A),Joshna Ann Salu (S5 CSE B)
Finance Co-Lead - Georgy P Sabu (S5 ME A)
Website Co-Leads- Aashna Saju (S7 CSE A),Sarang Ramesh (S5 ECE C)
Digital Media Manager- Chrispeet Shaji (S5 ME A)
Documentation Lead- Rochelle Grace Thomas (S7 EEE)
Documentation Co-Lead           - Devika Koonath Boban (S7 ECE B)


Highlights of RSET Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre IEDC:  

  • All activities are Student driven and supported by faculty members.
  • RSET IEDC have dedicated faculty coordinators  from each department.
  • Kerala Startup Mission Funded Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC).
  • RSET IEDC Industrial Standard IOT Lab which is funded by KSUM (Rs.2,00,000), helps  students to have their idea to prototype with world class standard.
  • Prototyping facility for student hobby projects.
  • RSET IEDC provides Office space for student/Alumni Start-up companies. Currently we have Three start up inside RSET.
  • A pool of faculty members who are well trained by DST and EDII Faculty development Programme.
  • Students as well as Faculty will get a chance to update themselves with Knowledge.
  • A place where Engineering and Business meets together.
  • Helps students to improve Innovative Creative and Design Thinking ability there by finding new ways of establishing themselves in society.
  • A lot of Training, workshop are conducted every year and students can also have events for their peer members.

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