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The Civil Engineering Association of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology is the newest entrant to its lot. Nirmana is a family of about 196 students and 18 faculty members with the HOD as the prima voce. Our Department just like any other in Rajagiri, provides immense opportunities for academic excellence of students.

Nirmana sure did take a step ahead when they grouped its students into different squads named after famous experts from the Civil Engineering field. The whole of the Nirmana clan were grouped into 4 squads namely Smeatons, Whipples, Telfords and Eiffels named after eminent civil engineers John Smeaton, Squire Whipple, Thomas Telford and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel respectively. Specific logos and team heads were assigned for each house and every competition under the banner of Nirmana was house wise which sowed the seeds of good and healthy competition among the students.

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