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Dr. Rithu James
Ph.D, ME
Associate Professor

Dr. Rithu James did her B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from School of Engineering CUSAT in 2003 and M.E. in Signal Processing in 2009 . She secured a PhD from the Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) in 2018. Her areas of research interest include signal processing, image processing, digital communication etc.

 She has been working in Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kochi since July 2003.She is an active member of IETE. She has published many technical papers in peer reviewed journals and international conferences. 

RSET Unique Id: 31177
Email rithu_james@rajagiritech.ac.in
Website people.rajagiritech.ac.in/rithuj
Year Title of the Paper-Conference/Journal Details
2020 Mixed Noise Removal by Processing of Patches
Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation
2019 Analysis of Different Speckle-scene Models for SONAR Image Despeckling
2017 Sonar Image Enhancement using Fractional Masks
2016 "Poisson Noise Removal from Medical Images using Fractional Integral Mask' International Conference On Communication And Electronics Systems (ICCES-2016)
2016 "Blind Estimation of Single Look Side Scan Sonar Image from the Observation Model" 6th International Conference On Advances In Computing & Communications, ICACC 2016, 6-8 September 2016, Cochin, India
2015 “Improved Techniques for Radar Clutter Minimization”International institute for research and development in engineering and management​, VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5 AUGUST-2015.
2015 “A Comparative Study of Robust Blind Image Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication Using DNA Encoding, Optimal Wavelet Basis & Discrete Wavelet Transform,” International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 3, Issue 9, September 2015
2015 “ An imperceptible blind image watermarking scheme for image authentication using DNA encoding and multi-resolution wavelet decomposition” International Journal of Engineering Inventions, Volume 4, Issue 12 [August 2015] PP: 23-30
2015 “Design of Underwater wireless optical/acoustic link for reduction of back-scattering of transmitted light” The International Journal Of Engineering And Science (IJES), Volume,4, Issue, 5 Pages, PP.61-68 , 2015
2015 A Comparative Study of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication for Three Different Communication Links IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE), Volume 10, Issue 3, Ver. II (May - Jun.2015), PP 40-48.
2015 ”Error analysis of Linear Fractional order system using step response” IWACC 2015
2015 " Image Denoising using Adaptive PCA and SVD" Proceedings of Third International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications 2015
2015 State space representation of Fractional-Order Low-Pass Filters "Proceedings of Third International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications 2015"
2015 “Sonar Image Denoising using Adaptive Processing of Local Patches”,SYMPOL IEEE 2015.
2015 “Spatial Resolution Enhancement of Sonar Images Using One Step Pixel Prediction” 2015 International Conference on Control, Communication & Computing India (ICCC) | 19-21 November 2015 | Trivandrum, IEEE 2015.
2014 Accepted paper for acc2015- state space representation of fractional order low pass filter
2014 Accepted paper for acc2015 Image denoising using adaptive PCA and SVD
2013 Speckle reduction based on optimum multiresolution levels