Department of Information Technology - Consultancy Areas


    Possible Consultancy areas and Domains by Computational Data Science Research Group

    1. Business Intelligence:
      • Services related to collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to help businesses make informed decisions.
      • Develop dashboards, reports, and other tools to help businesses understand and use their data.
    2. Data Analytics:
      • Provide services related to analyzing and interpreting data to gain insights and make informed decisions.
      • Use statistical analysis, machine learning, and other techniques to help businesses uncover patterns and trends in their data.
    3. Data Engineering:
      • Provide services related to designing, building, and maintaining data infrastructure.
      • They may work on data warehousing, data lakes, and other systems that support data storage, processing, and analysis.
    4. Data Science:
      • Services related to applying statistical and machine learning techniques to solve complex business problems. They may work on predictive modeling, optimization, and other advanced analytics projects.
    5. Big Data:
      • Consultancies that specialize in big data provide services related to managing and analyzing large volumes of data. They may work on projects related to data integration, data governance, and data security.
    6. Artificial Intelligence:
      • Services related to developing and implementing AI solutions for businesses. They may work on projects related to natural language processing, computer vision, and other AI applications.
  3. Possible Consultancy areas and Domains by Internet of Things and Security Research group

    • Designing user application(s) to control the performance of smart things and get convenient analytics results
    •  Elaborating a data security strategy.

    Developing machine learning models and Visualizing data insights in pre-defined dashboards.

  5. Possible Consultancy areas and Domains by Distributed Computing And Systems Research group

    1. Cloud computing consulting: Helping organizations to design, build, and manage cloud infrastructure and applications, including cloud migration strategies, cloud security, and cost optimization.
    2. Distributed systems consulting: Providing guidance on designing, implementing, and optimizing distributed systems, including distributed databases, messaging systems, and distributed computing frameworks.
    3. High-performance computing consulting: Providing expertise in designing, implementing, and optimizing high-performance computing systems for scientific and engineering applications, including parallel algorithms, distributed memory architectures, and cluster management.
    4. Big data consulting: Providing guidance on designing, implementing, and optimizing big data solutions, including distributed storage and processing frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.
    5. Cybersecurity consulting: Providing guidance on designing and implementing secure systems, identifying vulnerabilities and threats, and developing and implementing effective cybersecurity strategies.
    6. Internet of Things (IoT) consulting: Providing guidance on designing, building, and managing IoT systems, including IoT architecture, connectivity, data management, and analytics.
    7. Performance engineering consulting: Providing expertise in optimizing the performance of complex software systems, including system-level performance analysis, optimization of hardware-software interactions, and performance modeling.
    8. Machine learning and artificial intelligence consulting: Providing expertise in designing and implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, including data preparation, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and deployment strategies.

List of Consultancy Works

Project Title

Name of the Agency

Name of the Faculty In Charge


e-Governance & Process Documentation Software Platform 

Bar Council of Kerala, A statutory body under Govt. of India

Binu A


IT enabled services in Temple Administration and Management

Guruvayur Devaswom Management Committee, An autonomous body under Govt. of Kerala

Binu A