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Ms. Mehbooba P Shareef
M. Tech. in Computer Science and Information Systems
Asst Professor

Ms. Mehbooba P Shareef graduated (B.Tech in Computer Science) from Adi Sankara Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2012 and completed her post graduation (M.Tech in Computer Science and Information Systems) from Federal Institute of Science and Technology with university first rank in 2014. She has served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology from 2015-’17. She joined Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology as Assistant Professor under the Department of Computer Science in 2017. Her area of research interest is Signal Processing and has 7 publications in this area to her credit among which 4 are SCOPUS indexed. 

RSET Unique Id: 31838
Area of Interest: Image processing
Email mehboobaps@rajagiritech.edu.in
Website http://people.rajagiritech.ac.in/mehboobaps
Year Title of the Paper-Conference/Journal Details
2023 FESSARec: Explaining Course Recommendations using Fuzzy Expert System and Self-Attention
International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies
2020 Audio Watermarking Schemes: A Comparative Analysis Audio watermarking schemes : A comparative analysis
International Journal of Engineering and Management SciencesWebsite: ijetms.in Issue:4, Volume No.4, July-2020 DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2020.v04i04.009July 2020 DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2020.v04i04.009
2020 Recommendation Systems : A comparative analysis of Deep learning and classical approaches
8th International Conference on Smart computing and Communications
2019 Audio watermarking Schemes : A comparative Analysis
International Journal of Engineering Technology and Management Science
2016 Tracking location of medicinal plants in dense forest using image processing : A comparative analysis. Journal of Emerging Technologies and innovative research. 2016.
2015 Shareef MMP, TV MD. Secure audio watermarking system using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Tinkerbell Chaotic Map. In: IEEE International Conference in Power, Instrumentation,Control and Computing - PICC 2015. Thrissur: IEEE; 2015.
2015 Encryption-Enhanced Reversible Watermarking for Medical Images via Prediction and RC4 Encryption. In: IEEE; 2015.
2015 Identity of user thrashing and privacy protection of fingerprints. In: ; 2015
2014 Efficient registration via fingerprints combination.2014 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing 2014.
2013 A data concealing method characterised by DNA coding. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology . 2013.
Year Date of Publication Title of the Book Published By Edition
2022 15-Nov-2022 Responsible Data Science Springer, Singapore 0