Students Testimonials

Anashwara S Nair

“ I feel really lucky to be a Rajagirian, as I got ample opportunities to bloom my inner self and to emerge out as a better person.Being a part of Rajagiri family has definitely given me an upper hand in various life situations , thanks to the wonderful exposure and the apt and timely guidance of the highly qualified faculty. I'm greatly obliged for the wonderful opportunity that I have received from here. I'm selected to the Indian Navy (Naval architecture ), which for me is a dream come true. Truly proud to be a Rajagirian and I would definitely try my level best to keep up the name of this esteemed institution.   ”

–   Anashwara S Nair
ME 2019 Batch (INDIAN NAVY)

Reshma Meleppat

“Life at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology has been a breathtaking and enriching experience. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fueling confidence in me. Rajagiri has achieved excellence in imparting high quality education with a prime focus on holistic learning and inculcating competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely. The amazing and highly qualified faculty helped me in getting in-depth knowledge about all the subjects that are most needed to become a key player in the dynamic corporate scenario. Because of the blessings of my parents and the support of the faculty members at Rajagiri and the placement cell, I have got selected in Infosys...   ”

–   Reshma Meleppat –
CSIS – 2019 Batch (Infosys)

Jismi S Manjaly

“I am very glad to share about the positive journey of my M.Tech at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology. Rajagiri offers a unique combination of learning & self-development. All the faculty members are enthusiastic and always ready to help. Because of the blessings of my parents and the faculty members in RSET I got an opportunity to do my internship in NPOL, and got placement in the MNC Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private Limited.   ”

–   Jismi S Manjaly –
VAES -2019 Batch(Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private Limited)


“Rajagiri has constantly provided its students excellent education, a plethora of extra-curricular activities and a strong placement record. You can rest assured that there is a wonderful career waiting ahead if you’re a graduate from Rajagiri. I owe it to my college for helping me grab a job in my dream company, ABB. Tremendous efforts are being made by the institution to bring several dream/core companies. I can personally vouch for it as I was also the Placement Cell Representative.Compared to other colleges in Kerala, the long list of companies visiting the campus for placement drives, and the enormous exposure to various organizations and activities are unique to Rajagiri. Words cannot express my gratitude to my parents, teachers and my college for giving me a sturdy start to my career.   ”

EEE 2019 Batch (ABB)

Arunkumar G Bhat,ME 2019 Batch

“At last, I have got a job in my early 20’s itself. Wow, those 4 years of B. Tech at Rajagiri just flew like a quick breeze: all thanks to my strong family at RSET. Everything happened in a beautiful manner; it was here, where my technical and soft skills were polished and trained to make me ready to face the reality of the outside world. My professional life is getting kicked off at Saint Gobain, and I have also received an offer from Temenos. Thanks Rajagiri for helping me to take my initial steps as a professional engineer! I am also grateful to RSET for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of the Japan internship programme, which had a great impact on my life.   ”

–  Arunkumar G Bhat
MECHANICAL 2019 Batch - Saint Gobain


“  It is my pleasure to say that Rajagiri School of Engineering and technology has provided me with a number of options for placements through its powerful placement cell. Our college is one of the few colleges in Kerala where numerous core/dream companies come for campus recruitment in addition to the day-one companies. It was a delightful experience to undergo the recruiting process of Verizon and to get placed there. I would like to thank our placement cell for this wonderful opportunity.   ”



“  RSET is not simply known for its placements. It actually is a place where you can be sure that after your graduation, you don't have to wander for jobs as you will get ample opportunities in the campus itself. Thanks to the placement cell which makes sure that most of the renowned companies come and offer a great future which is very hard to find on our own.  ”

–  Gunjan Sharma
(2015 Batch),Computer Science & Engineering


“  Rajagiri has played the biggest role in making me an independent girl. In the rat race of bagging a placement, I was one among the unlucky ones who did not get placed in the initial placement drives, inspite of being good at my academics.But it was the placement cell that kept me going.They assured me that the best is yet to come and to take every rejection as a lesson and yes, they were correct. Towards the end came Vodafone, offering the job of the Network Engineer and yes ,I was one among the two who got selected for this.   ”



“  Being part of the placement cell has been an unforgettable experience. The most amazing part was the exclusive 'behind the scenes' of the selection process. It was both enjoyable and educational. The exposure I had received by interacting with officials of various companies has made me confident enough to attend and clear all the interviews. After interacting with the candidates who came to our college for the off-campus placements, I realized that the placements offered at Rajagiri is one of the best in the State - courtesy to the efficient working of our placement cell.   ”


Priyanka B S

“In this era of technology, with the exponentially rising number of fresh graduates in engineering and the high competition to get jobs, it is my immense pleasure to say that Rajagiri School Of Engineering & Technology, and its placement cell is a place from where you get numerous options to bag a job. In addition to the day one company we got opportunities to appear for other dream/core companies. Even after our graduation the placement cell contacted our batch with a number of exciting opportunities. It was a very fruitful experience to return to college after graduation and undergo the recruiting process of Temenos and to get placed there though the campus recruitment. Also having been a placement representative for the batch 15-17 I can vouch for the placement cell’s growth and their support, and I would like to thank the placement cell for the wonderful experience and tremendous opportunities they have presented to us .   ”

–  Priyanka B S
Computer Science And Engineering(2017)

Payal Mariya Chettupuzhakkaran (2018 -CSE), Vanenburg

“ I am very thankful to Rajagiri for encouraging me even when I had almost given up hope. I had attended interviews for a number of companies, but somehow never got through the final round. But going through several rounds for different companies helped in grooming me and improving myself as it gave me a good exposure. Towards the end of the final semester, I was able to perform very well and bag a job in the company, Vanenburg.   ”

–  Payal Mariya Chettupuzhakkaran
(2018 -CSE), Vanenburg

Reshma George

“  Rajagiri Group of Institutions happened to me “Purely” by choice and not “merely” by chance. To be associated with the premier educational institution offering excellence in engineering education & research is a dream come true for any one.
The outstanding placement cell at Rajagiri assists students to materialize aspirations of joining some of the finest companies in the country and beyond. The industry interactions & guest lectures by top notch industrialists, organized by Rajagiri’s placement cell give students a glimpse of the challenges posed by global environment, evolving technologies and changing economic trends. Career counseling,soft skills training and assistance for internships constantly ensures students receive abundance of exposure and opportunities, thereby making them industry ready.   ”

–  Reshma George

Jayanth C Mathew (2017 -ME, Whirlpool)

“ In this era the number of engineering graduates that pass out every year is extremely high, getting a decent job soon after graduation is a challenging task. But in Rajagiri, the story is entirely different .They make sure that all students get ample chances to find their first job by bringing more and more companies every year for recruitment. I can assert with confidence that Rajagiri and its placement cell has played an instrumental role in helping me find my first job.The pre placement training conducted by them will help students to clear the aptitude tests like a piece of cake. Also, the GD/PI trainings help the students to surpass those chaotic tasks. Thanks to the placement cell of Rajagiri along with the support of my parents, teachers and friends, I am now a part of “Whirlpool India Limited” as an Area Service Manager.   ”

–  Jayanth C Mathew)
(2017 -ME, Whirlpool


“I am proud to say that I graduated from Rajagiri, in the first batch of Civil Engineering. Usually there is a notion that if we join the first batch of any branch in a college, the chances of getting a decent job are very less. But this is different at Rajagiri. Rajagiri's placement cell will help you get the job that you want when you graduate & it turned out to be true in my case also. Thanks to the pre-placement training, support from my teachers & friends, I’m now working in ACC Pvt Ltd as Assistant Manager - doing a job that I love.   ”



“  Having entered the arena of ‘Job- ready’ and gone through the exercise of interviews by the reputed companies such as Mytrah Energy Ltd, Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro, who have found me adequate to meet the employability requirements, I owe it to the Rajagiri Placement Cell who not only trained and moulded us but also gave us opportunities to appear for such big recruitments. It is often said that the responsibility of training students lies on the shoulders of the institution and fortunately for us RSET Placement Cell has spread smiles across generations, enabled students in pursuit of excellence in order to leave a legacy worth remembering, to have a safe good future as well as to attain the pinnacle of perfection.
Being a Mechanical student, getting placed in core was not a piece of cake, mainly because it’s not easy to host a placement drive of core companies. Thank You! ”

–  Aswath R
(2016 Batch), Mechanical Engineering, Mytrah Energy Ltd

Deepak Sunil Abraham

“RSET placement cell has been instrumental in aiding me to secure a job at MRF Tyres. The interview process was extremely gruelling but the training provided by the placement cell enabled me to clear the interview and get selected in the first attempt itself, becoming the first person from RSET to be placed in MRF Tyres.The placement cell works tirelessly for the benefit of the students, bringing reputed companies such as MRF to campus for recruitment. The placement cell also provides training to the students to face interviews and aptitude tests by bringing in resource persons from outside whose training helped me to crack the aptitude tests and interviews I had to face. It is by grace of God Almighty that all of this was possible; I hope that God continues to aid the placement cell in reaching new heights of excellence.   ”

–  Deepak Sunil Abraham
(2016 Batch), Mechanical Engineering, MRF

Ceeliya K.V

“Rajagiri is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning and fun, tradition and innovation, and many life affirming experiences. It has provided me with the opportunity to hone my skills and a platform to showcase them. It was great to have had the chance to study at RSET, and get the support of the faculty and the Placement Cell. It is the constant effort and motivation I have received from them that has got me placed in Tata Communications Ltd.   ”

–  Ceeliya K.V.,
Tata Communications Ltd. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (2014-2018)

Thomas Jacob

“I thank Rajagiri for providing me with a number of options for placements, taking part in which gave me the experience and confidence to get placed in Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt Ltd, a core company. Along with the curriculum, Rajagiri provided me with the impeccable training which has helped me to become a complete professional. I am grateful to have been a part of Rajagiri School Of Engineering and Technology.   ”

–  Thomas Jacob
Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt Ltd ,EEE 2014-2018

Hanoona Abdul Rasheed

“RSET is an excellent place for intellectual development while getting hands on experience in practical applications. Its masters program prepared me well for working in an R & D environment and helped me to get placed at Robert Bosch Engineering India, Bangalore. I very much enjoyed my experience at Rajagiri and am extremely thankful for all the support and guidance of my beloved professors.   ”

–  Hanoona Abdul Rasheed
Robert Bosch Engineering India
M.Tech. Signal Processing,2016-18

Arya S Nair

“RSET offers an atmosphere of both learning and self development. It is a dream come true, to grab an internship in a foreign MNC in the beginning of my career. My sincere gratitude is due to all the faculty and placement coordinators of RSET for such a great opportunity and immense support.   ”

–  Arya S Nair
Communication Engineering


“ Rajagiri is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning and fun, tradition and innovation, and many life affirming experiences. It has provided me with the opportunity to hone my skills and a platform to showcase them. It was great to have had the chance to study at RSET, and get the support of the faculty and the Placement Cell. Pursuing a core job in the field of Signal Processing has been an aspiration for me and the one that would have been impossible without the dedicated support of all my Teachers. My sincere gratitude to Rajagiri for the immense help they provided that assisted me in acquiring a job at Robert Bosch.   ”