We at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology (RSET) are driven by the slogan ‘Striving for Holistic Excellence’. In all spheres of activity, it is our target to achieve excellence, and thereby set a benchmark that distinguishes RSET from the rest.
Our persistent efforts are directed towards the achievement of academic excellence by our graduates, and towards moulding them into diligent and creative professionals who can serve the needs of the world and meet the demands of the industry. We have focused our attention on engendering in our graduates the right balance of state-of-the-art professional skills and impeccable ethical standards.
Our graduates have over the years proved their mettle both in the industry and in research. The Rajagiri work culture ingrained in them has been instrumental in winning them accolades in their respective domains. We are proud to state that the RSET graduate is technically brilliant and professionally astute; a leader or a team player as the situation demands, and forever upholding integrity of character. In a world driven by blind competition and injudicious development, our graduates are trained to look beyond the narrow confines of here and now and direct their skills and energies to serving humanity as a whole, and to imaginatively respond to the needs of the future, thereby upholding the dignity of the engineering profession. Against this backdrop, it gives me great pleasure to welcome organizations to RSET for campus recruitments. We would be honoured if you would visit us the next time you consider expanding your workforce. I am certain that you will find amongst our graduates the right minds to meet your requirements. Our graduates will impress you with their competence and professionalism, and given the opportunity, I assure you, they will be an asset to your organization.
We look forward to a mutually enriching and successful relationship with you in the years ahead.