Rajagiri Notice

Notice No:  RSET/PR/N/3501                                                Date : 03/02/2017


Photography Exhibition


RSET Literary Forum announces a 'photography exhibition' for students.

This is an opportunity for students to exhibit their photography talents.

The event consists of two phases. The students who perform well in the

first phase will be selected to the finals. Winning photography will be

awarded a Cash prize, Certificate and a memento.


PHASE I:     Area: RSET

                        Theme: "RSET Unexplored"

                        Minimum resolution: 1024*768


                        Last date of entry: 10th of March


Participation is open to all B.Tech, M. Tech - students and PhD Scholars


Candidates interested are supposed to mail the soft copies of the photograph taken to sarithav@rajagiritech.ac.in/manishab@rajagiritech.ac.in with the title "photography exhibition"


For any queries, kindly contact Saritha V & Manisha Bhadran (DBSH) – III Floor, Main Block


PHASE II: Will be announced later


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