Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) & Collaborations

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Test and Verification Solutions India Pvt. Ltd [subsidiary of TESSOLVE SEMICONDUCTOR PVT LTD]  

Hands-on training, project guidance, internship in VLIS, Embedded IoT, Wireless AI&ML domains. T&VS may absorb eligible students from RSET for their manpower requirement.

10th November 2021

on going


Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

To establish a frame work for a mutually beneficial institutional academic exchange program which will support the broader educational experience.

1st June 2020

on going


Aalen University, Germany

To  develop academic and cultural interchange in the areas of exchange, teaching, research, transfer and other activities.

23rd August 2017

on going


Digital Core Technologies, Kochi

To foster and facilitate advancement of knowledge and employability of the students of RSET and to provide employment opportunity to suitable candidates in the core embedded system domain.

10th January 2017

on going


VVDN Pvt. Ltd.

To foster collaboration and to facilitate advancement of knowledge on the basis of reciprocity, best effort, mutual benefit, and frequent interactions.

2nd April 2012

on going