As far as the Mathematics community of Kerala is concerned, three professors who served in three different universities of Kerala, deserves to be coined with the most sacred word “Guru” for their dedication, guidance, hard work, research, teaching and life time contributions to Mathematics. Prof. K.S.S. Nambooripad (formerly of University of Kerala), Prof. R.Sivaramakrishnan (formerly of University of Calicut) and Prof. T.Thrivikraman (formerly of Cochin University of Science & Technology). Their presence, lectures, words and deeds have inspired many students, teachers and researchers not only in Kerala but in the whole nation.

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Prof. K.S.S. Nambooripad                             Prof.R. Sivaramakrishnan                   Prof. T.Thrivikraman
During the inaugural function, Students and teachers of Mathematics, Mathematics loving people and the local organizing commit­tee will honour three renowned Mathematics Professors for their life time contributions to Mathematics.
The students and teachers of Mathematics community of the whole nation are bestowing their heads on the feet of these Gurus – bless us and guide us.